Monday, 23 May 2016

Book Club Update | May ✶

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing fab and you have an exciting week ahead of you! For todays post I am doing an update of the coveted book club hahaa.  I have no been particularly updating it, but over summer I am definitely reading more than I did during term time.  Although, I have just started working at my local pub and have worked 32 hours over the last 4 days, so that is taking a lot of time and is very physically draining.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

My Top 7 Tips for Getting to Sleep

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having an awesome day! For this post I was lying in my bed struggling to get to sleep and was thinking about all the tricks I use to try and help me get to sleep.  Then I thought, how about writing a post on these tips since I heard them from a whole range of sources and therefore I thought I could compact them all into one space.

So I hope you enjoy and hopefully if you are lying in bed you could give these a try and hopefully it can help you out :)

Thursday, 19 May 2016

BeautyBay, Makeup Geek Haul! ♥

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all having a fabulous day! I have had an amazing weekend where my family came up to celebrate my birthday but also my Grandads birthday as it was last week.  It was such a lovely weekend and nowadays birthdays are just a great occasion to see the family and catch up with people.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Project 10 Pan | AnnabelReid13

Hello Everyone,

So recently, before, during and after my exams I was just on a general crazy spending spree.  I spent a lot of money in Spain before my exams, and will have a haul coming up soon.  Spent a load as a 'well done to me', or a 'that exam was shit' during, then afterwards kind of went super crazy on BeautyBay with buying makeup geek... (another haul to come).  So I have had a serious smack in the face realisation that I NEED to stop spending money.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Book Club Update ♥

Hello Everyone,

So yes once again sorry for the delay, I don't want to apologise anymore because it becomes a broken record.  I also don't think that bloggers really should apologise.  I love blogging, and when I have time I really enjoy it.  But recently I haven't so much had time, and the time I have had I have been trying to catch up on sleep, or spending time with friends.  So although we should make time for our blog and to give what we can to our readers, I do think that if you are pushing to get posts up but not enjoying it, then its just not worth putting anything up at all. So from now on I am going to post when I can and when I want, I hope that is okay.

Right, well that mini rant was not planned... That just kind of came out.  Oh well. Lets move on.

So this is my little review on Henry Marsh's Do No Harm and a little preview about the book I will be reading this month.

Henry Marsh's Do No Harm: 
Last month I read this book and I have to say it is such an incredible book! It is so unique, in that it is a non-fiction book but you are gripped so strongly to each chapter like I have never found before in a non-fiction book.  I find even if you are someone who isnt into science, or won't understand all the terms used, you can still enjoy it!

Monday, 8 February 2016

January Favourites 2016 ✶

Hello Everyone,

I know this isnt right at the start of February so I'm a bit late on this one, I have been struggling recently to find time to sit down and write, so I have been failing you guys a bit, but I am trying my best.  I am really stressed out with uni right now and have a lot of my plate but, without further excuses... This is my monthly favourites :)

But these are some of the things I have been loving this month, there is a few beauty items, with some fashion and technology I guess you would call them, favourites.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

MeNow Long Lasting Lip Gloss Review ✶

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! I have spent most of this day trying to catch up on my work as I am a bit behind right now.  I was such a good student last semester and this year I have been falling behind a bit so need to catch up now before its too late.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Warm Everyday Makeup Look, Step by Step Guide ✶

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a fab week and are excited for the weekend.  My weekend is super busy so I am looking forward to it but it won't be relaxing to say the least.

So I haven't been very well this week at all, I have the classic sickness of coughing, throat hurts, bunged up nose, the whole nine.  So I was sleeping for most of today which is why this post is up a little later than I usually like to get it up.  So I apologise for that.  Also the fan in my macbook pro has stopped so I popped to the Apple Store in Edinburgh and have to go in next week for an appointment.  I swear if I have to send it off I am gunna be sooo pissed. Why does it have to break down, why?

But anyway, this is a step by step tutorial, I apologise for the change in lighting.  I use natural light for my pictures and half way through the sun started glaring through the window so I could have keep my eyes open and it made the look much more orangey than it was.  It has more of a warmth to it than the pictures depict, its less orange and more of a subtle warmth.

So I hope you all like it :)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

MAC Dupe! For only £2.49!!

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! I was out today as I had a lacrosse match in St Andrews, as I am writing this I haven't yet played the match but I can only hope all went well

But today I am writing this post because for a while now I have know about this awesome dupe for MAC's Twig! 

It is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks of all time, but I have actually lost it right now and that makes me really sad because I can't afford to get a new one.  But I won't need to at least for now because I have this great dupe! It is Makeup Revolutions Iconic Pro Lipstick in  "Looking Ahead".

Now when I say dupe I mean more of colour dupe.  The texture is not the same.  Twig is more matte and has stronger pigmentation as it is a better quality but the colour is still gorgeous and beautiful.  I would have done a picture with twig on the top and looking ahead on the bottom however since I have lost Twig I can't do that.  But I did do it when I first got the lipstick and you couldn't tell the difference between them except for the finish.

Looking Ahead
The pictures look a bit different because of the lighting but in person these lipsticks are nearly identical in colour. I think in real life the colour of Looking Ahead is a better representation of the actual colour.  The lighting for Twig was different and that isn't really how the lipstick actually looks. If you want a link to what the colour looks like on the website its here.   The MAC one does last longer and I do prefer it as a lipstick I won't lie. However, now that I can't find it I am happy to use the Revolution one for the time being.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and you can get this lipstick at any supplying Superdrug or online at Makeup Revolution.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you on Friday for a post on my tips for gettting to sleep. I will speak to you soon,


Monday, 25 January 2016

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers | Review ♥

Hello Everyone,

I hope your Mondays have started out okay and finish with a bang! It is Burn's night here is Scotland so think I may be heading out to a friends for some drinks, haggis, neats and tatties :)

But for todays post I wanted to do a quick review on these little gems! I have had these for a few months now so I had a pretty strong opinion on them (a good opinion that is).  I started my obsession with liquid lipsticks when KathleenLights on youtube, was doing reviews of some of the Ofra liquid lipsticks and I loved the idea of something being on my lips and not having to worry about reapplying.  So since a lot of the brands she talks about aren't easy to get in the UK or aren't cheap, I was on the hunt for a collection of cheapish ones that were good.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

#TheGirlGang | Favourite of the Week

Hello Everyone and happy Sunday!

Hope you all had an awesome week and had a nice relaxing weekend.  For this weeks favourite it is something that may sound super cheesy and all that jazz but I'm pretty sure most of you guys are on this chat/group/blogger family already so you all know what I'm talking about.  And if you don't know what I am talking about then if you are a blogger, you need to get on this chat!

Friday, 22 January 2016

BirchBox January Box ✶

Hello Everyone,

So I have been getting birchbox for a couple of months now, and so I would like to do a review of this months box. I wanted to get a beauty box because its such a nice gift every month! I have tried GlossyBox and FeelUnique before but haven't had one for a while.  I did like the December box but I wasn't wowed by it, so I was hoping that this month they would start well and I think they did a decent job.  

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Join My 2016 Book Club! | AnnabelReid13

Hello Everyone!

Good day to you all.  Hope you are well! Today I was inspired by my best Lucy to do some more reading this year, and I wanted to really make the time to explore different genres and I really believe reading helps a lot which expanding vocabulary etc... All the good things you get from reading essentially. And I want the benefits from it.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Boxing Day SALES Haul ✶

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all went a little bit crazy in the boxing day sales, I know I did! But I have to say I can't go straight away.  I know that's when the best deals are but when it first starts I get way to claustrophobic    with people to deal with those first few days.  This means I don't always get everything that I might want to spend my money on, but I still tend to get some people awesome hidden gems for crazy prices!

The Struggle of Multitasking...

Hello Everyone,

I just want to say that I am very sorry for being completely absent from the internet and pretty much anything phone related this week.  I haven't been on twitter or instagram or anything.

I just got back to university last week and I thought it would be a relaxing first week back, but we were straight back into lectures (theres me thinking we would have another intro/freshers week thing... I was wrong hahaa).  But also, I am a part of this amazing group called Showchoir! I love them they are like family now but we have rehearsals on a Sunday and yesterday we had a thing we call "Mini Showcase" and you pretty much come and just perform in front of your peers and its really good fun.  But last week the mini showcase we had was also kind of auditions for the real show that we do in March.  This means there was hightened stress and also I was very ambitious in that I choreographed 2 dances and organised another group number.  I was so stressed last week trying to get that all sorted and also freaking out about showing my choreography to everyone that I really didn't have any spare time that I wasn't sleeping or working or dancing to do anything else, apart form text my mum because that pretty much takes priority over anything.

So yeah, that was my last week and I was pretty crap at multitasking and didn't take plan any time to blog, so apologies but fingers crossed this week I will be back.  I already have some posts planned, but I don't want to just focus on makeup this year, I also want to try and include some helpful lifestyle type posts so need to do some planning :)

So after this post goes live I am going to be sitting and writing my other post that I ideally want to post today so that I am back on track with my Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday schedule.

Hope you all had a fabulous week and Monday,

"May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short"

Annabel ♥ 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Skiing!! | Favourite of the Week

Hello Everyone :)

I hope you all had a fab week, I have been kind of awol for a week on the internet but that is because I have been in Austria for a week skiing! I was amazing and I had such an awesome time.  So for this week my favourite is skiing/snowboarding.

I'll just show you a few of the pictures I took of the week.  We were so lucky with the weather since there has been no snow in Austria for weeks, and then the day we got there, that night is snowed! We went to bed with greenery and woke up to a white, beautiful landscape.  It was absolutely knackering but amazing.

I learnt to ski when I was really young, and then we as a family havent been skiing for about 10 years I think, but I have been twice since then with friends/school, and so I convinced my family to come again.  Me and my dad skied all week, and my sister and mum didn't get so into it.  But I also tried some snowboarding for the first time! And I think I have fallen in love with snowboarding.  It is so much fun! And when you get it right it is so nice and you just glide across the slope, its awesome.  Although it is soooooo tiring!!! God your thighs burn and your calves burn, whatever you do, something burns! But apparently once you start doing it properly you get used to it and it doesn't hurt so much.  Also its so weird but actually when you are snowboarding, the straight and flatter parts of the slopes are the hardest parts and burn!

But yeah that is such a new love this week and I think next time I go skiing I am gunna maybe do snowboarding... I am not sure, if I ski I can go and do whatever I want, but if I am snowboarding I am more limited... I will have to see.

Also I took my gopro with me and so I think I have some pretty cool footage of the skiing, so let me know if you fancy seeing any of that... Not sure if I will be able to upload a video but if I can I will try and show you some of the best and fails of the week.

But anywhere, here are some of the pictures I took, I hope you like them, it was such a gorgeous landscape.  Oh btw I was in Soll, in Austria.  :)

Let me know how your week was in the comments below and if you have a favourite of this week, whatever it is :)

So there are just a few of the pictures I took of the holiday.  Let me know what your favourite was down below :)

Speak to you soon,
Annabel ♥ 

Friday, 8 January 2016

The Balm's Nude Tube Palette | Review

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having a good day, I am out skiing at the moment so have some blog posts scheduled, but will probably not be able to reply to comments until I am back.  But I have a short review for you here.  I hope you enjoy! If you would like I can do a follow up post showing a look using this palette alone, its a great palette with a range of lights and darks.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Plans for 2016...

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update on what my plans and hopes are in 2016 for my blog.  I have a lot of aspriations and look forward to sharing and showing you all that I wish to in the next year.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

STAR WARS!! | Favourite of the Week ✶

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope you are all having a great day today.  This is my first favourites of the week, and this week feature is STAR WARS! I went to go see the new film this week, and it is a definite new favourite of mine! Such a good film! I am currently writing this rewatching the Empire Strikes Back.

The leads were fantastic, and I am definitely down for another female lead in the filmverse.  And she does a damn good job of it.  I am a absolute lover of BB 8 too.  He/she is such a cute little droid!!! Did you know that Harrison Ford got paid nearly $17 million for this film, whereas the others got about $300,000.  I think this is excessive however, as the other leads weren't famous before this, they couldn't exactly bargain their way to bigger salary unlike I am sure Harrsion Ford did. But I won't go into too much detail as I don't want to put any spoilers up here.  But if you haven't seen it yet, I definitely recommend! You don't even need to necessarily need to have seen the previous ones.  I think it makes you appreciate them more, however since Return of the Jedi was such a solid ending to the original franchise, they kind of start a new with this film.

But since going to see this new film I have rewatched all the previous ones again and have completely fallen in love all over again.  It is such a good franchise! However, you can see a big difference in the first 3, due to CGI etc... But considering the original film was made in 1977 you have to give them cudos on how well they did! You also notice how good the transition from the 3rd to the 4th is.  They really kept up good consistency with the storyline between the two.  But I did miss Ewan McGregor in the last 3.  He is such a babe, and actually so hilarious in the first three.

But anyway, I have fallen back in love with Star Wars and it is definitely my favourite of this week.

For all your newbies or hard core fans I am with you, and all the newbies need to get on it and watch all the films tonight in a long ass movie marathon hahaa.

Hope you are all having a nice relaxing Sunday.

Speak to you tomorrow,
Annabel ♥ 

Friday, 1 January 2016

My 2015 Beauty Favourites! | AnnabelReid13

Hello Everyone,

This month instead of a monthly favourites I am doing my yearly favourites! It was quite a struggle for me to try and get this down to only a few items, but I have tried to piece together my beauty favourites of 2015.  This includes makeup and skincare etc... I don't really have any haircare favourites of 2015 because if I am honest I don't really use too much hair care especially.  I will say that my favourite hairbrush is most definitely the Wet Hair brush.  Mine is so tatty now I don't want to show you it, however it is such a good gentle brush and very easy to get rid of tangles.  So thats a favourite as it is just so good!