Sunday, 10 January 2016

Skiing!! | Favourite of the Week

Hello Everyone :)

I hope you all had a fab week, I have been kind of awol for a week on the internet but that is because I have been in Austria for a week skiing! I was amazing and I had such an awesome time.  So for this week my favourite is skiing/snowboarding.

I'll just show you a few of the pictures I took of the week.  We were so lucky with the weather since there has been no snow in Austria for weeks, and then the day we got there, that night is snowed! We went to bed with greenery and woke up to a white, beautiful landscape.  It was absolutely knackering but amazing.

I learnt to ski when I was really young, and then we as a family havent been skiing for about 10 years I think, but I have been twice since then with friends/school, and so I convinced my family to come again.  Me and my dad skied all week, and my sister and mum didn't get so into it.  But I also tried some snowboarding for the first time! And I think I have fallen in love with snowboarding.  It is so much fun! And when you get it right it is so nice and you just glide across the slope, its awesome.  Although it is soooooo tiring!!! God your thighs burn and your calves burn, whatever you do, something burns! But apparently once you start doing it properly you get used to it and it doesn't hurt so much.  Also its so weird but actually when you are snowboarding, the straight and flatter parts of the slopes are the hardest parts and burn!

But yeah that is such a new love this week and I think next time I go skiing I am gunna maybe do snowboarding... I am not sure, if I ski I can go and do whatever I want, but if I am snowboarding I am more limited... I will have to see.

Also I took my gopro with me and so I think I have some pretty cool footage of the skiing, so let me know if you fancy seeing any of that... Not sure if I will be able to upload a video but if I can I will try and show you some of the best and fails of the week.

But anywhere, here are some of the pictures I took, I hope you like them, it was such a gorgeous landscape.  Oh btw I was in Soll, in Austria.  :)

Let me know how your week was in the comments below and if you have a favourite of this week, whatever it is :)

So there are just a few of the pictures I took of the holiday.  Let me know what your favourite was down below :)

Speak to you soon,
Annabel ♥ 

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