Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Project 10 Pan | AnnabelReid13

Hello Everyone,

So recently, before, during and after my exams I was just on a general crazy spending spree.  I spent a lot of money in Spain before my exams, and will have a haul coming up soon.  Spent a load as a 'well done to me', or a 'that exam was shit' during, then afterwards kind of went super crazy on BeautyBay with buying makeup geek... (another haul to come).  So I have had a serious smack in the face realisation that I NEED to stop spending money.

I am home for the summer which means hopefully I will be saving a bit on food and I will be going out less so saving a lot in that department too.  But I need to stop spending on beauty, and so I am going to be doing a project 10 pan! I'm sure you all know very well what this means, this was such a craze a few years ago and I wanted to bring it back :)

If you don't know: It is quite self explanatory, but you basically are on a spending ban (apart from necessities i.e. toothpaste, shower gel....) until you have finished or hit pan on 10 products.  In this I like to include things like face washes, moisturiser etc...

I am going to try and do it so that its not just hitting pan, its actually finishing a product but depending on how long that takes... so I may give up and just do the hitting pan, but we will see, this is to be decided.

I urge you all to join me and save money, but also its a good chance to actually use up your makeup rather than keeping and stashing it all.

Let me know if you join in and I'd love to see all your posts once they up to see what you have been using and your thinking and thoughts on those things.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day,
I'll speak to you soon


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