Monday, 18 January 2016

Boxing Day SALES Haul ✶

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all went a little bit crazy in the boxing day sales, I know I did! But I have to say I can't go straight away.  I know that's when the best deals are but when it first starts I get way to claustrophobic    with people to deal with those first few days.  This means I don't always get everything that I might want to spend my money on, but I still tend to get some people awesome hidden gems for crazy prices!

I did this shopping before I went skiing, however took me a while to get down to posting it, sorry.

I did pick up some clothes but I am not going to do a fashion haul thingy, but I could if you wanted me to, just let me know down below.  I generally always gravitate towards HnM because I freaking love that shop! And I have a voucher for it, so BONUS. I also got a couple of things from Dorothy Perkins and New Look.

But moving onto the makeup...

I picked up a few things from Boots and from Home Bargains, but these were just some things that I needed anyway and a few of them were on sale so thats always good!

 I picked up the Nivea lip balm set which was only £3.50 in the sales!! Such a good deal and I am always needing new lip balms (kind of got an obsession).  Then I needed a new Stay Matte powder, and I was looking for a new Collection concealer but I had to go to about 4 stores before I found my colour! It was sold out everywhere! I also needed to try a new brow setting gel, I tend to use just clear mascaras and I really like this one from Collection, would definitely recommend and I think I got mind for £2.

Then I saw that these Boots Botanics Cleanser and Exfoliator were on sale, I got both for half price! I haven't tried the cleanser yet but the exfoliator is really nice, I would definitely recommend it! Then I picked up this cute mini Garnier Cleanser for £1, I think it is meant to be travel sized however its more than 100ml so you wouldn't be able to take this in hand luggage so not sure I would say travel sized... Finally, I had to pick up a back up of my all time favourite makeup remover which is the No7.  I always buy a new backup whenever No7 have their £5 off skincare vouchers.

I also picked up this set of 4 brushes for only £7 and I am surprised by how good they are! A great extra to my collection, if you can get your hands on them I definitely recommend it.


Now moving onto all the makeup purchases I got over the holidays! I got most of this stuff when I went shopping in Cambridge. I first went into the MAC store and it was soooo packed!! I couldn't deal with it, so I went to Kiko instead and they got a lot of love from my purse.  The sale was so good in Kiko as it always is, and nothing I bought was more than £4!

- False Lashes Concentrate Volume and Definition Mascara
- Cream Crush Eyeshadows in 01, 04 and 05.  These are AMAZING! Going to do further post!
- Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in 05
- Eyeshadow in 102
- Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in 33 and 37.

Everything is so incredibly pigmented and I can't fault any of these products at all! I am very very impressed with Kiko this time around, as I always am!
Cream shadows in 01, 04, 05. 

Shadow stick in 37, 33.  Metallic Shadow in 05 and Eyeshadow in 102. 
 Then from John Lewis I purchased this Urban Decay eyeliner set.  It was in the sale for £16 so I thought that was such a bargain as I love the 24/7 glide on pencils. I also thought all the colours were beautiful.

Trick is one of my favourites, I think it is such a unique colour, gorgeous on the lower lash line.
Zero, Stag, Cosmic, Trick and Supply.  

Also when in John Lewis I was at the Benefit Counter and was going to pick up the Porefessional Primer, however when she used it I couldn't really tell enough of a difference to feel as though the money was worth it, so she gave me some samples instead and I have been trying them and I am still not convinced so I'm not going to buy it.  Let me know if you think it is worth buying. 

Then on the way out I really did have to stop in the MAC shop.  I couldn't resist!  I knew I wanted some more of the mini pigments because I love these little guys, and I always wanted to pick up a new eyeshadow but something completely random and that I wouldn't be able to buy anywhere else.  
So I picked up Kitchmas and Naked pigments. In the swatch Naked doesn't really look like anything but it is such a beautiful natural colour when on the lid I was surprised by how much I liked it. 

Then I picked up the eyeshadow Red Brick.  Its this beautiful, unique red/orange colour and I fell in love with it! I know it seems a bit out there but it looks beautiful in the crease or under the eye.  I am hoping to do a few looks with this eyeshadow in the near future, so if you like this colour keep your eyes peeled.

This swatch is a big crappy I apologise, but you get the gist of the colour. 

So thats pretty much all the makeup I got from the boxing day sales/just an everyday shop.  I hope you enjoyed, I know I spent quite a bit but I was treating myself after christmas etc...

Let me know of any bargains you picked up down below and hope you are all having a great day!

Annabel ♥ 

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