Sunday, 22 May 2016

My Top 7 Tips for Getting to Sleep

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having an awesome day! For this post I was lying in my bed struggling to get to sleep and was thinking about all the tricks I use to try and help me get to sleep.  Then I thought, how about writing a post on these tips since I heard them from a whole range of sources and therefore I thought I could compact them all into one space.

So I hope you enjoy and hopefully if you are lying in bed you could give these a try and hopefully it can help you out :)

1. Rolling your eyes. 
When you naturally drift off to sleep your eyes roll into your head and this actually triggers a hormone release that helps you to sleep.  So sometimes if I am struggling to sleep I will roll my eyes about 3 times and I can feel myself drifting off.

2. Try a pillow spray
Sometimes I do this even before I have tried to sleep but it can help you feel relaxed and settle down to sleep. I have a couple I got from Bath and Body Works, annoyingly this is from America and I haven't bought one from the UK yet, but I am sure there are loads.

3. Focus on your breathing
If I am struggling to sleep because I either have a song stuck in my head or one of those times when you brain doesn't stop wandering off, I try to focus on my breathing.  I say in my head 'breath in and breath out'.  Focusing on this is a bit like the counting sheep thing I think, although that doesn't work for me, this does.

4. Phone at end of bed
This is a good one just to stop you reaching for it if you can't sleep.  Although people say that using your phone doesn't help you sleep, they are actually right.  The phone gives off a blue light and this actually sets off a hormone that makes you wake up.  It triggers the same hormone that is released when you awaken to the sun's light.

5. Complete darkness
I know sometimes people don't like the darkness but I really struggle to sleep unless there is complete darkness, so you could always give this a try.

6. Reading a book
This is a bit of a difficult one for me.  Sometimes this totally works and I start to dose off whilst reading and therefore it is good to help me sleep.  However, you have to pick the right book! Many a time have I been up till 4am reading and have to put the book down in order to actually go to sleep.  So I recommend this if you have a book which you enjoy but isn't the most gripping book ever.  As I am studying biology I like to read a lot of science based books and although they are interesting there isn't a gripping story normally and therefore they are really good for this.

7. Forcing myself to sleep
Finally, I know this one seems a bit silly but often if I am struggling to sleep instead of opening my eyes and maybe reaching for my phone or doing something else, I try to keep my eyes shut and pretend like I am asleep.  I basically force myself to sleep.  I know this seems silly but if you keep you eyes shut and just keep trying to sleep I often find this works and I will drift off.

I hope you liked this post and if you find yourself struggling to sleep you could give some of these a try and it can help you sleep.

Have a fantastic Sunday and hopefully a good week ahead!

Speak soon,

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