Monday, 25 January 2016

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers | Review ♥

Hello Everyone,

I hope your Mondays have started out okay and finish with a bang! It is Burn's night here is Scotland so think I may be heading out to a friends for some drinks, haggis, neats and tatties :)

But for todays post I wanted to do a quick review on these little gems! I have had these for a few months now so I had a pretty strong opinion on them (a good opinion that is).  I started my obsession with liquid lipsticks when KathleenLights on youtube, was doing reviews of some of the Ofra liquid lipsticks and I loved the idea of something being on my lips and not having to worry about reapplying.  So since a lot of the brands she talks about aren't easy to get in the UK or aren't cheap, I was on the hunt for a collection of cheapish ones that were good.

That's when I came across these ones from MUA! They are beautiful and only £3! They don't seem to last as well as some of the brands that she said does, however I haven't tried them myself so I can't say for sure how well these compare with the more high end brands, but they will last a very long time!

For me, I can go out and eat and drink, and only some of the inner parts of the lipstick will have come off.  I just then easily reapply and it lasts again.  The only thing is that because all the colours are very bold its quite obvious when it has worn away so if you just reapply as soon as you see it coming off then you are golden.  They are also beautifully matte! I love a matte lip and also since Scotland and the UK is so windy then any form of shine and my hair is everywhere and I just can't stand it, so matte is the way to go for me!

My only bad point is that they have the worse colour selection.  There is about 8 colours I think, I have 4 of them because the others ones were like a neon pink when I knew I would never wear and a black, another very dark colour (but I want that one) and then a weird nude shade.  There is a collection which has black tops however I don't know if it is the same formula or not, I am not sure. I will have to check those out.

But the colours are so strong and so pigmented and every time I have worn this out somebody asks me what I am wearing so they are definitely eye catching!

So the shades I have are Vivacity, Moxie, Reckless and Kooky.  I think they are all gorgeous, however I have worn Vivacity the least.  The rest I pretty much wear the same, I love them! I apologise for some of the application it was pretty the worse I have ever put on these lipsticks, and my face was getting red from rubbing them off.  They are pretty hard to get off but the best way is to put a bit of oil on your lips (I use coconut oil) and rub it in, then using a wipe, wipe it off.





So I hope you all liked these posts, and I definitely recommend you checking them out as they are only £3!! I are more matte than they look in these pictures its just they were just put on and the lighting made them look more shiny.  

Hope you have a great rest of your day, speak to you all on Wednesday :) 

Annabel ♥ 

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