Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Top 5 Blushers!

Hey Everyone! Today I thought I would do a little post on my favourite blushers.  Now, I am going to apologise in advance at the lighting in these pictures and in probably many pictures to come.  I am still in school and now in year 11, and so this means that for the majority of the day I am not at home and therefore can't take pictures of my products that are at home.  And so, I have had to take those pictures when I get home from school, and by this time its not daylight, its verging into nighttime.  So these swatches don't show the colour exactly how it would appear in the day.  I am sorry, but there isn't much I can do about it.  But I will try to figure something out - I promise.

Anyway back to the post...

1.  Elf Compact Blushed/bronzed - The blusher in this set is so gorgeous.  It is my go-to blush for everyday.  It is apparently a dupe for the NARS blusher Orgasm. I say apparently because I don't actually own Orgasm so I wouldn't be able to compare it myself.  But I trust other beauty gurus words. But this blush is beautiful and it has a very subtle shimmer which makes your cheeks look radiant.  It also has very good colour pay off, I really do adore this blush.

 2. Powder Pop! Travel set Coralista. Dandelion. Dallas - This travel set I honestly think is such an amazing product.  When I go travelling, I always take too much makeup because I want to have so many looks.  But by taking this set I have all the different blushers I would need with me.  Dallas is a beautiful tan pink, which looks amazing in the winter, Coralista looks awesome on holiday, with tanned skin.  And Dandelion looks great when you just want a little hint of colour to your cheeks.  Overall, I think this is a brilliant product and awesome to travel with.

3. 17 Blusher Nude - I originally bought this blusher because I thought that it would be a close dupe to Dallas.  It did actually turn out to be quite similar and for a fraction of the price! Its really pretty, and very smooth as well to touch.  It adds a radiance to cheek as well once applied.  Overall, it is a very nice blush, for a very good price.

4.  MUA Blusher Shade 3 -  These MUA blushers are a right bargain! For only a £1 you get a decent 2.4g's of blush and they are very pigmented.  I would actually recommend that you use a light hand when applying this blusher because you don't want to look like a clown... The only downfall I can find with this blusher is the packaging, mine has broken at the hinge and I didn't even throw it anywhere or anything.  But considering the price, I'm willing to let that little con slide.

 5. Benefits Benetint - I got this little "sample" of Benetint in a glamour magazine, a long time ago.  It has to be at least a year and a half ago.  I think that, that is crazy because this has actually lasted me a ridiculous amount of time.  I put sample in quotes because, yes, it is a smaller amount than the original, but it has lasted me so long I don't think I would ever need to purchase the full size.  I am not complaining though! I love putting this colour on my cheeks and my lips at the same time because there is something about having the same colour on your cheeks and lips that really pulls your look together.

So there are my top 5 favourite blushers! What are your favourite blushers? Let me know!

Hope you had a fabulous day,



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