Friday, 22 January 2016

BirchBox January Box ✶

Hello Everyone,

So I have been getting birchbox for a couple of months now, and so I would like to do a review of this months box. I wanted to get a beauty box because its such a nice gift every month! I have tried GlossyBox and FeelUnique before but haven't had one for a while.  I did like the December box but I wasn't wowed by it, so I was hoping that this month they would start well and I think they did a decent job.  


I haven't tried any of the body/cleaner products in this box yet, but once I do if any of them are worth the hype I will definitely let you know!  But from initial instincts I really don't like the smell of the body butter because it smells like almond and mascapone and I really don't like that smell. I also always love a good micellar cleanser so that should be good! But I have to say I was not excited to get a shampoo and conditioner because I never get excited about these types of things.  I don't so much take care of my hair in that way because I think its a waste of money, but I will use them at some point anyway.  

But I was very excited about the makeup products I got this month! I am always much more excited about makeup products and I wish there was a box that only gave you makeup, I would definitely get that one! In america they have a box called BoxyCharm and they always have awesome stuff in them! Wish we could get that here in the UK. 

But the first product is the They're Real primer! I really like this product and its a great mascara to wear on its own or underneath.  I have never tried the They're Real mascara but if its as good as this I may have to give it a shot! 

Then finally it has this Jelly Pong Pong brightener.  It is a nice product, nothing too special but a good nude/yellow toned eyeliner and it is a great product to brighten the eyes, so I will definitely get some  use out of this one.

 Then since it was linked to pinterest this month, you got these extra little postcards, but I have decorated them around my room in my flat because they are really nice illustrations.  

So that was this months Birchbox, and I did like it, but not sure its my favourite.  I will keep getting it for now but unless it gets better I may have to try another one or just give up on them.  We will see!

Hope you all had a great Friday and have an awesome weekend, I will speak to you on Sunday to talk to you about my favourite this week! And let me know in the comments down below about if you get a beauty box and if you think it is better than birchbox, I am open for suggestions on a new box!


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