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January Favourites 2016 ✶

Hello Everyone,

I know this isnt right at the start of February so I'm a bit late on this one, I have been struggling recently to find time to sit down and write, so I have been failing you guys a bit, but I am trying my best.  I am really stressed out with uni right now and have a lot of my plate but, without further excuses... This is my monthly favourites :)

But these are some of the things I have been loving this month, there is a few beauty items, with some fashion and technology I guess you would call them, favourites.

Let me know what you have been loving this month down in the comments.  I definitely could do with some more makeup suggestions as I am using the same things all the time!

"Real Techniques" Bold Metal Brushes 

So these are some of the fake RT brushes. I say fake because I got them off Amazon for about £5 and they are sooo good! They are super soft and for a fraction of the actual cost I get all the awesome stuff they can do but saving a lot in the bank :) Which I always like!

I won't lie there is a couple that I don't use so much, but the two pink ones are my favourite! With the big fluffy gold one being up there.  The fluffy pink one is the perfect brush to use powder to set my concealer.  Then the other pink one is the BEST contour brush! It makes a stronger contour than I used to and I much prefer it, but then it is also fluffy enough that you can blend it out.

The eye brushes are also great brushes. The ones I don't normally use are the foundation brush and the angled eye brush.

Kiko Cream Eyeshadows 

These are great cream eyeshadows! I have already done a mini review on the blog on these eyeshadows, but now I have used them a lot more.  They are perfect for the one shadow look on an everyday basis.  I highly recommend these! I got them in the sale for about £3.60 but I think they may be about £7 full price. But even at that price they are still pretty fantastic! Also works great as a primer and I don't need to use eyeshadow primer underneath to stop it creasing.
Swatches here.

Hoola Bronzer 

I don't need to rave about this bronzer.  Its awesome, works awesome with the RT brush :)

MAC Naked Pigment 

I mentioned this before in my MAC haul.  But after trying this pigment a lot more, it is one of the most beautiful natural eyeshadows I own.  It is such a gorgeous yellow, natural colour with specks of glitter.  Although pigments are a bit more awkward to work with I love them! They are so much more pigmented although obviously pressed powders are much easier for travel.
Swatch here.

Then for the none beauty related favourites:

There isn't much need for a rant on this one either.  Its the best distraction ever, but also not very good for my work... I have been rewatching a lot of things recently and so its good because I can half watch them and half do my work :) My favourites at the moment are: How I Met Your Mother, Making a Murderer, Vampire Diaries and How to Get Away with Murder.

Clash of Clans 
This is a game I play on my iPad and I used to have a clan before but then I changed the apple ID and had to start again.  I'm really enjoying it, its another distraction from work. But its good fun :)

HnM Green Hat 

I got this hat in the HnM sale for £2 and I freaking love it! I have a lot of bobble hats but I like that this one isn't slouchy or very big.  It just fits your head and I like that look.  Not sure how much this would have been full price, but HnM is always cheaper than other shops which is why I love it! (BTW I'm wearing the MeNow Liquid Lipstick in shade 30 here)

So this is all the favourites I have for this month, I hope you enjoyed.

Let me know your favourites below.  Have a great friday and enjoy your weekend.  Next week I am hoping to start a week called guest blogging week, so each day there will be a new guest blogger. But I will write a short post on this in a bit :)

Speak soon,
Annabel ♥ 

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