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My 2015 Beauty Favourites! | AnnabelReid13

Hello Everyone,

This month instead of a monthly favourites I am doing my yearly favourites! It was quite a struggle for me to try and get this down to only a few items, but I have tried to piece together my beauty favourites of 2015.  This includes makeup and skincare etc... I don't really have any haircare favourites of 2015 because if I am honest I don't really use too much hair care especially.  I will say that my favourite hairbrush is most definitely the Wet Hair brush.  Mine is so tatty now I don't want to show you it, however it is such a good gentle brush and very easy to get rid of tangles.  So thats a favourite as it is just so good!

But moving on to my actual favourites.  Keep reading to see the rest...

For skincare/face favourites, I the Aveeno Moisturising Cream.  I first started using this when I got acute dermatitis around my lips.  I tried different medications, but eventually I was prescribed this and it worked a treat.  It doesn't have any medication however it is just so moisturising and I love using it now as my night cream.  I have just recently repurchased it when it was on offer in Boots.  Then the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser is my absoluted favourite cleanser! I have tried the Liz Earle, however this one is cheaper and just as good! I always buy this when the No7 vouchers at Boots give you £5 off and it is only £4.95!! Such a steal! This is my 4th repurchase.  So I can definitely say it is a favourite.  

Finally, in terms of makeup, the Urban Decay All Night Long Setting Spray is a great setting spray! I have got back into setting sprays more recently after forgetting about them, and although I am not convinced that they neccesarily make such a difference, I do like wearing them whenever I am going to be wearing makeup for a long time.  I also really recommend the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as my primer.  I got it a few months ago and have used it almost everyday since! Its a very good primer and also such a steal considering the prices of so many primers around.  

For cheeks my favourites are definitely Seventeen Glow Highlight, Hoola Bronzer and Natural Collections Blush in Peach Melba.  I have worn this blusher almost the entire year! Its such a favourite if you haven't already guessed seeing as I mention it enough hahaa.  Then this bronzer is the only bronzer I use if I want to contour and this highlight is relatively new however I love it and I love the range of shades you can use depending on the look I choose.  

For eyes/eyebrows I have four favourites.  The Benefit's Brows a-go-go which I have used probably near everyday for about 2 years ever since I got it as a christmas present.  The Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics is a favourite because it is the perfect everyday easy wear eyeshadow.  I always like to take it places because I can use these as my bases and then add colours into the crease or under the eye etc. Some other favourites are MAC Pigment in Rose, this is a favourite not neccesarily because I wear it everyday but because it is so beautiful and I love wearing it when I do.  Then the other favourite is MAC Pro longwear in Uninterrupted if you are a reader of mine you will know that I love this! I pretty much use it in the crease nearly everyday.  

Finally, for the lips, my favourite this year has been Wet n Wild Lipsticks in general as they are honestly the best lipsticks around and they are such a good price! I did get mine in Spain and therefore they were probably about 2.50 euros, whereas in England they are a bit of a hassle to get a hold of.  But you can find them on Amazon.  This one is in Spiked with Rum and is a definite favourite.  One of my other favourites is MAC's Lipstick in Twig.  I can't find it however at the moment so couldn't show you it, but it is such a gorgeous lipstick and the perfect nude.  

So thats my yearly favourites rounded up! I hope you all have a great year and please link down below your yearly favourites or any favourites you had this year! 

Speak to you all soon, 
Annabel ♥ 

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