Sunday, 10 April 2016

Book Club Update ♥

Hello Everyone,

So yes once again sorry for the delay, I don't want to apologise anymore because it becomes a broken record.  I also don't think that bloggers really should apologise.  I love blogging, and when I have time I really enjoy it.  But recently I haven't so much had time, and the time I have had I have been trying to catch up on sleep, or spending time with friends.  So although we should make time for our blog and to give what we can to our readers, I do think that if you are pushing to get posts up but not enjoying it, then its just not worth putting anything up at all. So from now on I am going to post when I can and when I want, I hope that is okay.

Right, well that mini rant was not planned... That just kind of came out.  Oh well. Lets move on.

So this is my little review on Henry Marsh's Do No Harm and a little preview about the book I will be reading this month.

Henry Marsh's Do No Harm: 
Last month I read this book and I have to say it is such an incredible book! It is so unique, in that it is a non-fiction book but you are gripped so strongly to each chapter like I have never found before in a non-fiction book.  I find even if you are someone who isnt into science, or won't understand all the terms used, you can still enjoy it!