Tuesday, 1 December 2015

MAC What a Dame! Highligher | Review

Hey Everyone,

So today I have a little review for you of the MAC What a Dame! highlighter.  This came out a while ago with a limited edition Dame Edna collection, and that means it has this cute glasses sticker on the top.

I like the packaging, I think its cute, although over time the sticker has become a bit worn and doesn't age particularly well.  But I really like that it has a mirror on the inside, as that is always handy.

So I know this is limited edition which means a review may be a little bit pointless as you probably can't get your hands on it, but this is also a bit of a "what can you do with this product?".  Because as you will see it is a bit of a strange product.

I was given this by my friend Lucy Ann, and when you first get this product it has a very pretty finish to it, with glitter and its very beautiful.  However, once you start to use it, that it just a finish to the top of the powder, the glitter doesn't come through the whole product, and you end up left with this matte peach powder.

As the use of a highlighter I don't like it at all! It doesn't make your face lighter, highlighters are supposed to add sheen and this is matte so doesn't do that job well at all.  However, I do quite like it as an eyeshadow.  It adds as a really nice base to any warm look, or I like to wear it just on its own when I am just heading to class so not putting much makeup on at all and so just to add something to the lid.  I have also read of some people with very fair skin wearing it as a blush.  This does not work for me however if your skin tone is right I'm sure it would be a beautiful blush.

So overall, I do like this product, however for the price it would have been and for what its supposed to be, it is not something I would necessarily recommend.  Although the packagaing is cute.  But I do really like it as an eyeshadow and will never run out of it so thats a plus I guess.

I think I would give it 2 stars: ✪✪

Hope you are having an awesome day, one that is slightly less rainy than here in Edinburgh ♥ 

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