Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Day 1: Catch up! And Blogmas! | Blogmas

Good Evening Everyone,

Sorry about not posting today, I just wanted to quickly apologise to let people know that I am sticking to my schedule and that is an important thing for me, however today was just not possible.  I have only just got into bed and had any time to browse really.  

I was in Glasgow today for a lacrosse match which was awesome! We won 23-2 and I am so proud of my team and we went and nailed it! But that took up most of the day and then I went to go see a pantomime today that was hunger games themed and that was brilliant too! 

But only just got back and wanted to update and let you all know that tomorrow will be featuring two posts to catch up for today and they will be a November Favourites, which I am very excited about, and then a quick look which I have been wearing whenever I have a dinner or party that has been Christmas themed.  So they will be going up, one in the morning and the other in afternoon. 

Hope you all had an awesome day, or still are depending on where you are in the world, it's currently 12:30am here is the UK :) goodnight ❤️

P.S - I have decided that I wanted to start blogmas, however it won't all be christmas related but will just be bit festive and some updates of whats happening in my life etc... :)

Annabel x 


Summer said...

Looking forward to your posts ♥

Annabel Reid said...

Thank you! Will be getting those two up today. Will check your blog out :)