Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas Apologies

Hey Everyone,

Just needed to write this quick post about blogmas and the missing posts right now.

So, the plan was to blogmas and I really enjoyed writing them up to a point and had a lot of good posts planned however, as I got into it, I kind of get very into the posts and end up spending hours writing and then talking to you all on twitter and google+ etc... And at this point right now I can't afford to spend that time on my blog as I have really important exams in less than a week.

So unfortunately I am not going to be posting any posts for a couple of weeks, I love blogging and its because I love it and want to spend time on it that I can't post right now.  I'm so sorry but will come back around the 18th of December with a bunch of posts to make up for all that I have missed.

But anyway, hope you are all having a great december and everyone doing blogmas I wish you the best.  But I will speak to you all later on in December and will be coming back strong!

Love you all,


Shae Barry said...

Never apologise for your full-time commitments! I think I've only blogged half of what I've wanted this year, because doing my Masters degree has taken up so much of my time. At the end of the day, uni is less fun but more important -- and blogging is going to feel way better once you don't have any exams to worry about! :)

Hang in there, and good luck!

Shae xo
Diary of a Beauty Padawan

Annabel Reid said...

Thanks :) I really appreciate the support, feel like you can't keep the followers going when you don't blog so often but nothing I can do about that. Hope you're degree is going well. Good luck!