Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Day 23: DIY £1... Unique, Personal, Quick and Easy

Hello Everyone,

For todays blogmas I am doing a quick post on a DIY that's perfect for any friend, colleague, family member or anything.  It is also quick and easy and VERY cheap!

This is a DIY Personalised Wine Glass, but obviously this can be related to a beer glass, or any other glass! This entire concept can be modified to the receiver :)

I found my wine glass at Poundland, and I love it because it has this gorgeous gradient of red to clear, however you can probably actually find cheaper glasses to use.  For instance, I know Wilkinson's has cheaper glasses.  Although I can't believe there isn't a wilkinsons in Edinburgh!! How crazy is that??? I love that shop and can't believe I don't have one to go to during term time.  But anywho... hahaa rant over.

So I got the glass from Poundland, and I also purchased my nail art styluses (not really sure what they are called) I got mine from Poundland too for a pack of 4, they are really nice actually but I am sure you can pretty much get these anywhere nowadays!

Then I picked a nail varnish that I thought suited the red background, which was silver.  Although, I think with a clear glass you could get really gorgeous colours in there.

Once you have you colours picked, I used an old paracetamol packet as my "palette" essentially.  It was useful because I just threw it out afterwards, but also the holes are small enough for the small amount of nail varnish that you need.  Then I put a drop or two of nail varnish into a hole, dipped my stylus in and then wrote out the message.  You need to keep dipping in every letter, and then eventually the nail varnish dries and you need to add more, but you don't need much nail varnish at one time as it does dry quite quick.

If you make any mistakes just use nail varnish remover and erase.  I added some green eyeshadow pigment to the bottom as I wanted a red and green finish, however I know that is only going to wash off, so I wouldn't do that again if I was making another glass.  You could add glitter nail varnish to the bottom and have a sparkly base.

What I love about this DIY is there are so many options and ideas you can stem from this simple concept and you can make gorgeous, unique, one of a kind gifts for the people really close to you.  And its also so cheap and you can make it in 30 minutes, or less depending on your design.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know down below.  Also please comment any suggestions, or posts you would like me to do :)

The glass came in this cute little box, so I popped it back in there because it was much easier to wrap hahaa.

Hope you are all have a Merry Blogmas,
Speak to you all tomorrow,


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