Friday, 4 December 2015

Day 4: Maybelline Colour Tattoo, EPOW | Blogmas

Hey Guys!

Quick post just now showing my EPOW (eye product of the week) :)

This weeks is maybellines colour tattoo in 65-Pink Gold.  I love this colour and think it is gorgeous on its own or underneath eyeshadows.  Pinks are some of my favourite colours to wear therefore this is the perfect primer to enhance your colours.

I don't own any MAC paint pots therefore I can't compare but I do love this cream eyeshadows and won't go splurging my money on MAC's any time soon!

One of my favourite looks is this underneath MAC's pigment in Rose and then putting MAC's Uninterrupted through the crease and under the waterline.  (tutorial coming soon) It is a gorgeous look that has warmth and depth to it.  I love it!

So just a quick post for today and hope you all have had a great week and an exciting weekend ahead.  I have spent way too much time today on my blog and should have spent that time doing revision for my exams that are in a week.  Ekkk, help me!

P.s- if anyone has any tips to help with beauty blogging using a Lumix G5 would be muchly appreciated as it is giving me hell right now!

Lots of Love,


Carol in a Page said...

I absolutely love Color Tattoos, but I've never tried this particular shade. It looks lovely on you!

Annabel Reid said...

Thank you :) Yeah this is one of my favourites

Shae Barry said...

I think this shade suits your eye colour so well! I wish we could get this shade in Australia, I'd snap it up! :)

Shae xo
Diary of a Beauty Padawan

Annabel Reid said...

Thank you! Yeah I love it! Its the perfect base for any pink look and I am kind of obsessed with those looks right now! That's so weird they don't have it there, maybe look on Ebay or Amazon? Thanks for commenting :)
Annabel x