Sunday, 29 November 2015

Revlon Coffee Shimmer | LPOW

Hey Everyone,

Good evening, I just got in from a christmas dinner and it was such a lovely evening and felt like writing a short post for you all!

So I think I have decided to do a couple of really short posts a week which are a lip product of the week (LPOW) and an eye product of the week (EPOW). I'm not sure those names are catchy...  Let me know if you would be interested in this? I will literally be writing one paragraph on how I feel about this product and why I like it, and then give swatches, pictures etc...

So to start, for this week the feature is.... Revlon's Coffee Shimmer lipstick.

I LOVE this lipstick so much! It is a gorgeous metallic, brown, coffee... colour and is just so unique! And it is from revlon so its nothing more than £6, although not sure how much this one was.  It has a really nice application and is not drying at all, and is very smooth.  It does come out a lot more brown in person, so the picture is a little bit deceiving, but it is gorgeous and I love it.  It is not an every day, wear to class lipstick, but its perfect for going for drinks, or dinner, and to be honest I will wear it just to go shopping because I think its stunning.

Let me know if you like this and think its a nice little post for the week.  I have a good few posts lined up for the next few weeks, although I can't promise the most consistent of posting because I have my december exams, but I will try my best :)


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