Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 22: What's In My Overnight Makeup Bag?

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry for coming back a bit late, however once I got home I did not realize how busy I was going to be and I was distracted by my family. However, I am back now and ready and excited to get back into my blog! So let's not waste any more time and jump straight into it.

So, today I am staying over at Lucy Ann's house having a catch up, and our mini christmas, so I thought I would do a quick 'what's in my over night makeup bag'!

So I won't make this post too long just running through what I bought.  This wasn't a planned post and therefore this is actually what I packed for an overnight stay.  If I was staying longer than one or two days I would pack more options for eyes etc...  But just for one night this is what I bought :)

So my makeup bag is a bit big for what I bought today but most of my bags are up at Edinburgh so this is the one I bought back, its from Hudson and Bleecker, and I believe I got it from TKMAXX.

For my brows I carry around Benefit's Brow's a Go-go which is my holy grail eyebrow product! Had it for 2 years and it is still growing strong!

I also bring this Revolution Tint a Brow, its such a great brow gel, which has a lot of colour! I hauled this in a previous post  and its incredible considering its £1!!

For eyes: I am using e.l.f's Eyelid Primer recently, and as always its such a good primer, but it has been so overraved about online. But its amazing for £1.50.

I bought my Naked Basics 2 palette I got last christmas from Lucy Ann and I love it! Its one of my staple everyday looks and just such an easy palette to use.  Definitely recommend it to newbie or a connoisseur!

MAC's Pro longwear in "Uninterrupted". I always bring this eyeshadow with me everywhere! It is such a gorgeous, unique shade and its the perfect crease, transition shade. Mentioned in previous post.

Then for mascara, I have bought 3 which is excessive I know, but its because both covergirl ones are on their last straw and so I bought one incase they ran out whilst I was here.  I love both the covergirl ones, and am enjoying the Clarins one but don't have a proper opinion yet.

For face: Everyday I don't wear foundation, but my everyday concealer is the Maybelline Undereye Concealer, as most days I only conceal under my eye, but also  if you have small blemishes this concealer gives light/medium coverage.   However, I bought my Benefit's It Stick to cover up spots as this is a recent re-discovering that I am enjoying.  

I have been having trouble recently with powders, and am in need of a few new ones, so if you have any suggestions please leave down below! But currently I am using e.l.f's essential powder.  It is a nice powder but is on its last brink.  

For blusher I bought my absolute holy grail! This is Natural Collections "Peach Melba" and its just the best blush I own and its only £1.99!! Honestly can't go wrong and its just perfect! 

For lips: This is excessive I know! However, these were just ones that I threw in my handbag and then a couple to give me options since we are going out for dinner tonight.   I won't go into details on these lip products but I love them all and they are gorgeous! 

I'll just list the products for you: Revlon Lip Stain in "Honey", MAC's "Twig", Natural Collection "Fig Leaf" (gorgeous colour!!!), Collection Matte Lip Butter "Crimson Velvet", Essense Lip liner in "Wish me a Rose" and MUA's Velvet Lip Lacquer in "Reckless".  

I also always bring a lip balm with me and I had Maybelline Baby Lips, I also had vaseline in my handbag too.  

Finally, the brushes I bought with me are a selection from Real Techniques, the Amazon ones from a previous post, a few Laura Mercier ones and a HnM one.  

So that's everything that I brought for an overnight stay, I like having a selection of makeup to suit how I feel that day, and I feel bringing different lip options is a great way to do that! 

Hope you are all having a great day, and are super excited about CHRISTMAS! I know I am ❅ 

Talk to you tomorrow :)


Shae Barry said...

Don't worry about the amount that you brought, I think you did a great job! :D One time I stayed at a friend's house overnight because we had an exam at 9am the next day (and I live like three hours from uni) and I packed a whole shoebox! Trust me, THAT is excessive! XD

Shae xo
Diary of a Beauty Padawan

Annabel Reid said...

hahaa brilliant! You have to look good and feel good for an exam! Glad you liked it :)

Annabel ♥