Thursday, 3 December 2015

Day 3: Christmas Festive Face | Blogmas

Good Evening Friends,

So for my second post today I am going to do a quick look I have done which is my take on my christmas themed day/night look depending on your style.

I love this look as its so festive with the green eyeshadow but not overpowering or too in your face.  For this I haven't done a step by step tutorial, but that will be the plan for the future.  But today I have just done a look and I'll tell you what I used and where I put everything :)

I took so many pictures for this look as the lighting is just so crap in my room and quite frankly in Edinburgh right now, even when there is daylight its so murky and overcast that I may as well be in my room!! But am trying to best to get the best lighting. But you can get some sneak peaks of my room hahaa, and those lovely curtains we got here... By the way, if anyone can recommend any good lights for a starter blogger (and remembering I'm a student hahaa, so budget is minimal).

So this is essentially the look we are going for, neutral on the eyes with green underneath and then subtle contouring and blusher.

For this look I used:
-E.l.f eyelide primer
-NAKED basics 2 palette
-MAC Uninterrupted
-MAC eye khol in Minted
-Two faced eyeshadow in Lucky Charms
-Covergirl mascara in clump crusher
-Nivea for men post shave balm
-Boujois Healthy Mix Foundation
-Maybelline the eraser concealer
-Clinique loose powder
-Hoola bronzer by Benefit
-MAC blusher in Summer Rose
-Revolutions Highlighter in Peach Lights
-Benefits brows a go go
-Revolution Brow gel in Light Medium

So I primed by eyelids and then using the NAKED basics I used Stark all over my lid, then I put a bit of Cover all in my crease and then Primal in the outer corners of my crease.  I highlighted by inner corner and my brow bone with Skimp.  I then ran MACs uninterrupted through my crease to add a warmth and extra depth.

Then I started on the face.  Primed my face with Niveas post shave balm (such a good primer, comment if you want a review).  Then used bourjois healthy mix and used the concealer to touch up any areas and to go under my eyes.  I then set my foundation and concealer with the Clinique loose powder.

Now I will go and finish my eyes, where I put MACs Minted in my waterline and smudged that out with a smudge brush.  I then added the two faced Lucky Charms under my eyes with a flat shader brush and blended until I was happy with the amount of green :) I then coated my lashes with two coats of mascara and they eyes are done! I now filled in my brows using the light shade and set them.

I finished off the face by contouring lightly with the Hoola bronzer and adding blusher to my cheeks and highlighting my cheeks.

As I left I added Revlon's ColourBurst Balm Stain in Honey to my lips as a nice compliment to the green.  Had I been going on a night out I would have added a darker red colour like MUA lipstick in shade 1 which is one of my favourite red lipsticks, really rivals MAC's Ruby Woo and Russian Red but for onl £1!

Anyway, thats the finish look, and wanted to leave you with my face at a very awkward angle and looking fine :) Hahaa, hope you like this look and let me know if this is a good set up or not, and if you would like me to continue this type of post.  Bearing in mind that future posts will come with step by step tutorials.

Hope you all had a fab day, and have some exciting plans this thursday evening, I'm off to see a good friend from school that I've not seen in months so I'm very excited.  Talk to you all tomorrow :)


Onitza Oana said...

Sweet, natural and i like that green pop of colour:X

Onitza Oana said...

Sweet, natural and i like that green pop of colour:X

Annabel Reid said...

Thank you! glad you liked it :) the green is gorgeous isnt it!