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Fragrance Direct, CHEAP | Haul

                           Hey Everyone,

Just today I recieved a package from  This is an awesome site where you can get a major discount on many beauty products:  makeup, body products, perfumes and gift sets.

I thought I would show you some of the things I bought from here and my initial reviews.  I have bought from this site before many times and have always been very pleased with the service and with the products I have recieved.  Especially for the amazing prices, with savings of at least 50% or more!

I would like to keep in mind that the pictures are not the best quality and I understand this, I am currently at university and away from home and my camera is at home.  I will be getting this camera back in a couple of weeks so the pictures will improve after this.

So I was able to get all of these things (14 items) for £18.56! Its crazy how much you can get for what you pay for.  Also its awesome for me because I am a student on a budget and therefore cannot afford to splurge on all the makeup I want, so this is a perfect website for me to crave my need for makeup!

Tanya Burr Nail Varnish £2.99

 So firstly I purchased this for my sister for christmas.  She loves Tanya Burr and I thought this would be a great present for her and it was such an amazing price! Also, I have heard that these are really good nail varnishes and this retails for £5.99 amazon! Therefore a saving of 50%!
Fashionista Single Blush 50p

 From left to right: Blushing Coral, Rose Shine and Amber Glow.

These blushes were 50p each! It is such a crazy steal since these blushes have incredible pigmentation and are in really nice shades! They retail for £2.79 and therefore a saving of 82%.  These are such gorgeous colours and for this price how can you not say yes.  They are very pigmented though, to the point that you must have a very light hand or else you can look a bit like a doll.

Famous By Sue Moxley Shadow Shimmer 62p in Shade 15

This eyeshadow is a very pretty purple with hints of reflective green.  It isnt the most beautiful reflective colour I have in my collection however it is a very nice purple and looks gorgeous as an undereye smokey look.  But either way for the price it is insane! You also get a lot of product as the shadows are huge!  Retails for £2.50 so a saving of 75%. 
Famous By Sue Moxley Merged Eye Shadow 49p in Shade 5

This shadow is a gorgeous shimmery colour that would look great on its own or as a glitter overcoat to any look that you want to add some shine to.  The pigmentation of this is very nice and this swatch was just 2 swipes form the pan.   Retails for £2.99 so a saving of 84%. 

NYC Mono Eyeshadows 50p 

Left to right: Brooklyn Brownstone and On the Radar.

These eyeshadows looked great in the pan and although the swatches do look nice, this took quite a lot to build up the colours this much.  This is without a primer however I like my eyeshadows to be much more pigmented than this.  However for 50p you really can't go that wrong.  This is why I love this site, because whenever you aren't that pleased with a product you probably didn't spend more than £3 on it so you can never be that bothered.  Retail for £1.99 (on amazon) therefore a saving 75%!

Body Collection Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Fudge Brownie £1.10

This eyeshadow trio looks gorgeous in the packaging and it does come out in some pretty colours.  They are quite shimmery so if you used all three together for the same look it is a bit too much.  I much prefer a matte shade in the crease just to balance it out.  These swatches did take me a few tries however on the lid it does come out nicely.  Retails for £3.99 so a saving of 72%.

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara in Very Black £2.99

This mascara is a great mascara and I have used it before and I'm always very happy to get a maybelline mascara cheaper than they already are (which is cheap).   Retails for £6.99 so a saving of 57%.

NYC Smooth Skin Parfait 2 in 1 Compact in 002 Light £1.50

 If I am perfectly honest I thought I was buying a powder compact, as I already have one of the NYC BB powders and they are so good! But when I tried this it is a cream foundation and it is actually really nice.  It is very light coverage but perfect for a day to go to school or class.  I am actually really happy with this purchase as I don't have any cream foundations with me at university.  Retail price is £3.99 so a saving of 62%.

Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Velvet Matte in Burning Lava £1.99 

 This is my first time trying the rimmel apocalypse products, and I think the colour is gorgeous, I am a sucker for a good red.  I tried this on and thought it would be like the liquid lipsticks.  However, it never dired properly and once I ate it pretty much completely disappeared and left the line around my lips which I hate.  So if I am honest I am quite dissappointed in this product and it is more of a lipgloss than a liquid lipstick, and I am not that big of a fan of liglosses.  Retails for £6.49 and so a saving of 69%.

L'Oreal Infaillible Lip Liner in Invincible Red £1.50 
When I arrived at uni I realised I had forgotten to pack any lip liners and this became a probably because everytime I wore red it would bleed into my skin and that is never a nice look.  So when I was shopping on this site a lip liner was a priority.  It is a very nice colour and glides onto the skin nicely and onto the lips.  I have not yet tried it out with a lipstick so I can't comment on staying power, but it seems promising.  Retails for £5.19 so a saving of 71%.


Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Dangereusement Rouge 89p 
This nail varnish is a gorgeous dark red/maroon colour and it is really pretty on the nails.  I dont know how long it lasts but it is very easy to apply with a nice applicator.  Its perfect for 89p! Retails for £4.95 so a saving of 82%!

They also sent a little free gift of a trail of David Beckhams perfume Beyond.  Obviously, I am not a man so I won't get too much use out of this but it is a very nice fragrance, quite musky and smells good :) 

So thats all I bought from them this time round and overall I am very happy with my purchases and can't wait to get all the use out of them that I can! And an average saving of 73%! So who would not be satifised even with a few bum products.  So I cannot fault this site at all and will most definitely be ordering from them again once I need a pick me up and some new makeup.  

Also, shipping was £1.99 if you live in the UK, I am not sure if they ship outside the UK so check this before you go crazy and try to buy everything. 

I hope you like this post and if you have any requests for new posts or product reviews I will do my best to get them up.  

Speak to you soon, 

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