Friday, 27 November 2015

POUNDLAND Travel Mug £1 BARGAIN | AnnabelReid13

Just a quick post today to let everyone know about this awesome deal currently going on in Poundland!

I have a bit of an obsession with thermos's and mugs and all that lovely good stuff, and as I was browsing in Poundland I found this gem! Its a thermos with a cute christmas pattern, and of course it was only £1!! I will say that I know some Poundlands are different and I purchased mine from the Poundland in Edinburgh on Nicholson Street.  I have already been using it and I really like it.  I shook it with water in and very little leaked, however walking to class today there was some leakage.  But I think I overfilled it or something.  But for only a pound its just good because it kept my tea nice and warm for my walk to uni, whereas my normal cup is not a thermos right now and so I have to drink it on my way otherwsie its cold.
And theres cheeky Santa, hiding in the background ☃

So for only £1 I really recommend it, but the Costa ones are much better and they are only £3, so depends on what suits your fancy.  The Costa ones don't leak at all, so I would definitely recommend them!

Hope you are having a fab day,
Annabel :)
Lets get christmassy ❄ ☃

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