Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Makeup Revolution | Haul and Swatches

Evening Everyone,

I'm back today with a haul from Makeup Revolution that I was really excited to recieve and write about.  This was initially a first impressions etc, but since taking the pictures I have used some of the products and I now have a much better opinion and view on these products.  So lets get straight into the haul/swatches/review :)

So for my first purchase from Makeup Revolution I bought these 5 things.  I was really excited by everything that I purchased and as soon as I heard it was delivered I was searching high and low around my university campus for the delivery and eventually found it and couldn't contain myself!

Iconic Pro Lipsticks: £2.49 

So my initial thought was these looks really good, and obviously unmistakably like M.A.C lipsticks, and I had heard good things about then so I thought I'd give them a try.
 They were very smooth to apply on to my hand, almost lip balm texture so that was nice, however I often find that texture means its not very long lasting.
Once on the lips Liberty, was as I thought nice to apply and very soft however it was very sheer and took a lot of applying to build up the colour and even then it was a bit patchy, so although a very nice colour not the most intense purple I own.  And although I don't own this lipstick so I can't say for sure but apparently it is a dupe for MAC's Heroine.

 The next one I tried was No Perfection Yet, this one was much more pigmented and actually left my lips pink stained after I removed it so shows it probably has quite good lasting power. And apparently this is a dupe for MAC's Rebel, however once again I don't own this lipstick so can't say for sure.

I really like the application of these lipsticks as they are so soft and velvety, and the finishes are nice too, although a windy day in Edinburgh and my hair will definitely be sticking to these! But for the price they are a definite bargain and I will keep on the lookout for some more.

I Tint My Brows: £1.00 
 This was one of the products I bought that was in the sale and therefore part of the reason I bought it.  However, I was also on the lookout for a new brow gel.  This is in the shade Light Medium, and is the perfect shade for a darkish blonde like me.

I do like the colour although it is a bit red which I normally hate in brow gels but I can forgive it this time.  It has good colour which I find a lot of gels don't show much colour but this one really does, however I am also wearing Benefit's Brows A Go Go in this picture (my favourite brow powder).  It also keeps my brows in place all day! I have been using it for the past few days and am really liking it as my brows love straying all over the shop so this is a really great product and I'd highly recommend!

Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Rose Gold|: £4.00 

Before I bought this I hadn't done any research on it, I just normally see rose gold and can't help myself.  I also thought this seemed to resemble the ColourPop eyeshadows by its look, however I don't own any of those eyeshadows I don't believe this is similar.

So you are supposed to put some of the primer in the tin and mix some of the eyeshadow in and you get a foil finish.  Now although you do get a strong finish, very pigmented, it is a bit of a pain with the drops and without the drops the eyeshadow goes very patchy and not very nice.  And I will also say, it is more of a gold than a rose gold, I really don't see much pink in it at all!

 It isn't something I would use on a daily basis as it is too much effort but I'm sure I will find some use for it on a night out or special occasion.  Although in my opinion I don't really recommend it as I believe I have eyeshadows which produce a similar effect but are easier to use and quicker.

 I Heart Chocolate Palette in Salted Caramel: £7.99 

 Now then this is the reason I was on the website and ultimately bought everything else!

I had been wanting the original for quite a while, with hearing such good reviews about it. But then once I was online I saw this palette, and I love orange warm colours and this one had a slightly warmer tone to it, so I couldn't resist!

I think all the colours are beautiful and are very wearable, and I have swatched them below.  Starting left at Delicious and ending with Sweet.

Then from Fudge to Yum!

Now most of these colours applied really nicely, especially when my arm was slightly wet after cleaning it with a baby wipe so I think with some Fix+ or water they would apply much stronger.  But either way I think these eyeshadows are very pigmented and very creamy.  Some are a bit powdery, however once I applied them with a brush onto my eyes I didn't notice any fall out at all.

These applied much better onto my lids with a brush and a primer, and I have already created 3 looks with these eyeshadows after having it for 3 days.  I am so excited by this palette and it is already becoming one of my favourites.  And someting I'm sure lots of people will love is that it has a chocolate carmel smell, which if I am honest I don't enjoy but its not an issue.  Also, a big plus with this palette is that it has a very large mirror which is so useful so travelling and just for daily use to get up and close with your eyeshadow.  Overall I am very impressed with this palette and it is totally worth £8 and a steal at that since the quality is so high.

I also picked up a couple more things, however they are a present for christmas and I don't want that person to see what they are so will keep them a secret.

Anyway, I am very impressed with this brand and will definitely continue to purchase some more.  If any of you would like to see some looks I have done with these eyeshadows just comment below and I will get on that, and comment if you would like to request any other posts.

Hope you are all having an awesome day,


LucyAnn said...

Annie I feel like a hardcore fan. I am getting that palette for my sisters birthday, love you chicken x

Annabel Reid said...

hahaa <3 love you. I got all excited about this comment hahaa, probably more excited than I should have. Can't want to see you soon x