Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fresh Start to Blogging ♥

Hey Everyone!

It has been absolutely ages! 

I lost touch with blogging and for the past two years have changed a lot.  I completely changed my life plans and goals, and although still love acting, am not pursing that anymore.  I am actually really into science.  But that isn't what this blog is about.  

My friend inspired me to do this, as she has bravely just started up her own blog here.  She is writing about beauty, lifestyle and art, as she is an art major.  I would definitely recommend checking her out.  She is an amazing, beautiful person and happens to be my best friend. ♥  

I have been missing sharing beauty related things in life and wanted to do this again.  I tried youtube. Failed.  Was too scary and people are mean haha.  I freaked out and deleted all those videos, and wanted to try and do what I loved back on the blog again.  Everyone is a little bit nicer over here :) 

So, I don't know the direction this blog is going to go in anymore as I haven't thought too much into it and just wanted to get started again.  There may not be too many posts at the start as I am currently studying for my A levels and need to get them grades for university (Edinburgh woo).  

But I want to do this again and start it up.  I love beauty and want to share that with whoever wants to listen.   

I'm excited! 

Hope you're having a great day,
Annabel x 

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