Monday, 29 October 2012

Too Faced Insurance Policy High Impact Eye Shadow Collection | Review

Hello friends :) Today I am going to do a little review on this product which I am very excited about that I purchased last weekend from TKMAXX.

There is a little story behind this product and so because I am who I am, I am going to let you in on what happened that morning.  It's really not that exciting, I apologise.

Okay, well my eye primer (e.l.f's eye primer) has been running out, and I am literally trying to scrap it out of the pot, so I was thinking about buying a new primer, but I wasn't sure which one.  I have always wanted to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion and so I was thinking about popping into Debenhams and possibly buying one... AND THEN.  I went to TKMAXX with my grandma <3 and in the makeup section... untouched... was this set.  Now, the RRP was £38, and I would never spend that much, because I'm sure I will never have that much money I can just splash on two products.  But because I was in the wonderful TKMAXX (favourite shop, like, ever!) it was only....


How ridiculously amazing! I was so excited that I had to get it straight away.  Anyway, shut up Annabel and get along with the review.

So I bought this set mostly for the primer however the eyeshadows aren't too shabby I must say.  I love the three nude ones at the top because I am a nude gal.  I mean look how pretty they are! I think they are stunning.  

Full Frontal, Glamazon, Socialite, Boy Toy, Skinny Dip, Lucky Charms

The eyeshadows are really pigmented and super soft.  The only one that is less pigmented and took a lot more eyeshadow to get the same colour pay off as the others was Skinny Dip but still after a few swatches it came out strong.  I love the uniquness of Socialite and Lucky Charms.  I think all the colours are gorgeous though.  I love this palette.  

Today I have done a look with the first two eyeshadows, just to do a subtle smokey eye type jobby.  And so I thought I would take a quick snap and show you all what I did.  

First I put Shadow Insurance all over my lid. Then I applied Glamazon all over my lid just to give a glow and a base to the look.  Then using an angled fluffy brush from elf, it is difficult to explain so here is the brush. And I applied Full Frontal to my upper lash line but just in the outer half, then using the angled I flicked it up like I would my eyeliner but using the eyeshadow.  I think this gives it a really pretty but subtle flick and gives a bronzed smokey eye which I love.  

I then used Bag Gal Lash on my lashes and a brown maybelline eyeliner on my waterline to finish off the look.

Have a fabulous day everyone and talk soon :)


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