Sunday, 7 October 2012

POTD | Makeup #1

Today I was going through all my makeup taking pictures for my blog, and heads up, I have lots of posts that I have planned and hopefully you all will like them :)

Anyway, I was going through my eyeliners and I found my old MAC  Kohl Eyeliner in Smoulder, and I had to sharpen it because it was completely blunt, and I only realised afterwards how small it actually was...

It was quite saddening because I love this eyeliner, and it is basically the only black eyeliner I use, but I do have a spare, so it's okay, don't stress everyone! Hahaa, anywho, I thought I would share with you how actually small this is.

I have measured it against my finger and it is half the size of my finger, and I don't have big hands at all.  How sad :(

Anyway, hope you had a fab day, let me know if you did anyway interesting - or even if you didn't in the comments below.

This is going to be a new little series-ish thingy magig, of mine, where if I find a picture or a quote or something, and it is going to be my pic/pick of the day.

See you all later,


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