Saturday, 13 October 2012

Date Night #1 | Makeup Tutorial Featuring Danielle Reid :)

Hello, friends.  Tonight, my sister is going on a date with her boyfriend, and as it is quite a special occasion, she asked me to do her makeup for her.  After I had done it I thought why not show everyone what I did and how they can do it.  I haven't done a step by step with the pictures, I have only done the finished look.  However, if future when I plan on doing a tutorial I will do a step by step picture follow through.  Sorry, once again for the lighting of the photos, it isn't in natural lighting because it was at night and I hadn't planned it out.  I will hopefully soon, be buying some natural light, lights.  Or a lamp, which I can then use to take pictures with natural lighting, and then the swatches will look so much better :) yay!

Okay, now then, onto the tutorial.

These are all the products/brushes I will be using in this tutorial.

Rather than rambling, I am going to get straight into it.

Lets get started :)

To start I normally apply a toner (no specific one, just any random one) and then a moisturiser (once again, of your choice, whatever suits your fancy).  

Then apply boy-ing concealer over any blemishes or red spots that you want to cover up.  

Then for this look I didn't use foundation, as my sisters skin, doesn't really need foundation, because she has very few blemishes - I know its annoying isn't it.  

Then using the e.l.f powder brush, apply Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder all over your face.  

Now, I am a firm believer in filling in your eyebrows, I think they frame your face and really help finish off a look.  I have very small eyebrows also and so I always make sure that I fill mine in.  I used e.l.f's brow set and using a H&M brush and a Claires brush to complete your brows.  Just fill them in until you are happy with it.  

We are then going to start with the eyes.  I am using MAC's prep and prime.  This is to help your eyeshadows stay in place and help with the pigmentation.  

I am then going to apply MAC's Naked Lunch, into the inner half of my eyelid, with a No7 blending brush.  Then from the Frontcover Pallette I am using toffee in the outer half of my lid.  Make sure you blend in the eyeshadows together so there isn't a harsh line. Then, using my other No7 blending brush (or any crease brush) blend the dark colour from the palette called Bracken, and blend that into your crease and outer V.

Then using MUA's black eyeshadow in shade 20, and using any creases brush you want, sorry I can't recall where this is from.  Blend the black into your outer V just to deepen to look a bit more.  Then apply Barry M's black eyeliner on your top waterline, just to add volume to your lashes.  Then using your favourite mascara, I am using One by One by Maybelline, apply it to your top and bottom lashes.

Then using MAC's Bronzing Powder, and KCO's face brush, apply the bronzer in the "3 E", if you all want to know what that is, then let me know and I will do a post on.  After, apply e.l.f's bronzed/blushed duo, but only the blusher to the apples of your cheeks, using a Claire's brush.

Then finally, to finish the look, spritz Urban Decay's all nighter setting spray all over your face.  This will help your makeup last all day and night, also if you have any dry spots on your face, spray this on them and it helps make your foundation look less cakey. 

And here is the finish look... 

Hope you all like this look :) 

Have a fabulous day wherever you are,


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