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Non-Beauty Favourites | September

Hello, friends.  I'm sorry I know this post is long over-due, but I keep forgetting to write it - no excuse I know.  But its okay, its not like its half way through October, yet.  Time is going so quickly it really scares me.

But first of all, I want to say that on my beauty favourites for September, I asked the question whether you wanted me to do short posts with not much detail, or longer posts with my opinions and little stories and stuff.  And I was thinking about it, but I don't really like not giving you all details and information and stuff, its not what I wanted to do when I started this blog.  So I'm going to do more detailed blogs for you all.  Which I hope isn't a bad thing... That would be a little strange.

Hahaa anyway, I'm get along with this post now.

Non-Beauty Favourites For September 

So these are some of the things I have been loving throughout September.  Rather than rambling I am going to get straight to it today.

1.  My Recycled Notepad - Okay, there is a story behind this pad.  And some of you may think I'm really weird but ho hum, your getting to know me here, thats part of this blog.  So basically, at my school we have a new IT teacher and she's completely bland and I swear has no personality what-so-ever.  Literally, she stresses me out.  And, she has a massive obsession with recycling.  Which, don't get me wrong I'm all for saving the planet, but when it gets to the point of her using recycled paper for our coursework, I'm a little skeptical.  However, she does have this neat little pad or hers, which is made up of recycled paper and a bull dog clip.  Now, if you don't know me personally, let me tell you something about myself.  I am obsessed with writing lists, I have so many to-do lists, and notebooks and all that jazz.  So when I saw her pad, I thought thats so cute, and its saving the planet.  So each day, I take a new sheet from the back and write my to-do list.  And I feel good while I'm doing it because I am recycling. :)

2. This is a little DIY project I did, it is my earring holder - I love this little thing and the stripes go along with the colour scheme of my room.  And I did make this myself and I think that all together it only costed me about £3 - excluding the paint because I already had that.  Let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a little DIY series - starting with that.  Its really simple and easy to make.  And I'm sure it will make really good christmas presents for friends, mums, grandmas etc.

3. Storm Front by Jim Butcher - This book was AMAZING! If you like crime/fiction/sci-fi then you will love this.  I have given the book to my friend so I can't type the blurb on here, but just take my word for it, it is awesome.  Its about this guy who is a wizard - but not Harry Potter wizard, its all like black magic stuff.  There are loads of other books by the same author, and I don't think it is a series but its all the same wizard, like going on different missions I guess... But yeah, its fab, and a really good read, I literally couldn't put the book down.

4. Leaves Candle by Slatkin & Co - You are going to learn a lot about me in this post.  You lucky things :P.  Okay, if you know me, then you will know I LOVE candles.  My favourites are the Slatkin & Co candles.  I first discovered these, when I went to the US a year ago.  I bought a couple of small candles and one large one, I can't remember exactly which ones now but one was a cranberry spice one - I think, and it was so goood.  But you all know that these candles you can get from Bath and Body Works in America - not here in England.  Sad times.  But my friend was a total babe, and when her mum went to America, she asked her to get me the Leaves Candle, and it was a birthday present to me. That was a while ago and since then her mum has been back to America (she is American if you haven't guessed, but lives here in England) and bought me another one! I got so excited when she gave it to me.  I came straight home and burnt it for ages - the smell just, ahh, its soo good.  It's got a scent of apple, berries and it just smells of autumn.  I love it for the christmas time.  Its amazing.

5. Starbucks Tumbler - this neat little thing, I bought about 2 years ago I would say.  It was a tumbler from Starbucks and you put your own pictures in it.  I have so many from mostly year 9, around the time I got it and everyone of my friends looks so different.  Its really funny to look at it.  This tumbler was such a good buy of mine.  It is so sturdy - if you know what I mean.  For instance,  I could throw it across the floor and not even a drip of my coffee would spill out.  I love it for that reason, because so many tumbler just leak and go everywhere - not fun.  It also holds a lot of coffee - I think about half a litre.  Also, almost everyday I take coffee, or tea, to school with me, so this handy little thing I use practically everyday.  I would definitely recommend the Starbucks tumblers.

6. Food Favourite Special K Mini Breaks Chocolate - I love food. Another little thing about me.  And everyday for school I like to take something to eat during break.  I normally have fruit, but I like to take something like a little breakfast bar - but something healthy.  And these mini breaks, are so delicious and they only have 98 calories per bag.  These stop my hunger cravings at break time and they stop me from eating things like crisps and chocolate bars.

Music Favourites of the Month! 

7. Taylor Swift, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - I love this song, and I love the way Taylor Swift has changed it up a little.  The upbeat song brings me back to like when she did 'You Belong With Me'.  Also, if you didn't know, I am a singer and I sing country/pop/folk type songs, and so Taylors music really suits my voice, so I basically love all her songs... hmmm, not weird.  My first reaction though, I will say, I didn't like it, because I just thought "this is Taylor Swift, she is trying to change too much" but then I listened to it, and it really grew on me.  And no I find myself singing it basically all the time.  Taylor love <3.  

8. Justin Bieber, As Long As You Love Me - Let me just put this out there.  I am not a massive bieber fan.  I like some of his music - I don't really like all the buzz around him, its actually the thing that puts me off him, and bands like One Direction.  Don't hate, its just my opinion.  But this song I loved! I love his dancing in the video as well, just on the whole I love, the beat, the lyrics, the music.  Its all fab!  

So they were my non-beauty favourites for the month of September.  I hope you liked them.  Let me know if you want me to do a DIY post for you all and I'll try get that up as soon as possible.  

I have lots of "series" I have in mind.  And some of them will be making an appearance soon.  

Have a fabulous day all of you, 


P.S- I apologise for any spelling mistakes in my blog posts, this is a future reference as well.  My english isn't great - I know that.  But I want this blog to be fun, and I don't want to have to go read through every single post I write, just to check if I spelled that correctly, or if that completely makes sense.  I write how I speak.  So, I'm sorry if you can't deal with bad grammar and stuff, but I do try my best, and I think I am improving.  Writing this blog is helping me out with this.  So thank you for reading this blog, I enjoy it and hopefully you do too, and it is technically educational... Hahaha, anyway, Talk soon :)

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