Thursday, 20 September 2012

Olympic Fever!

Unless you were living under a box for the last 2 months - you would have known that the Olympics were here in London this year. London 2012, I thought was absolutely fantastic! I felt so honoured that I was able to go to the Olympics and see the hockey.  Now, I do have to say that hockey is one of the sports that I have never played and so I didn't necessarily know what was going on the whole time.  But nonetheless, it was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful that I got tickets and was able to go.

And so while I was at the Olympic park, I took some pictures - obviously :) 
So I thought I would just do this post and show you all my pictures - in case you weren't able to go or just because you want to see some of the Olympics from my point of view. 
Our match was the semi-final for the womens hockey: New Zealand vs Holland.
Waiting in some long arse queues. Sexy I know ;)

In front of the entrance to the Olympic Park - really sunny weather ;)

The hockey was at the Riverbank Arena - one of the stadiums that I believe they are taking down, now that the Olympics is over.

Some supportive Holland fans

There were lots of them 
And lots... 

Apologises.  We were close but behind this big mesh barrier

The winners of our match Holland! To the satisfaction of the many supporting fans.
I know I am uber-late with all these photos and the Olympics hype but I had problems uploading the photos to my computer.  I will have a post on the Paralympics as well soon.  But all in due time.

Have an awesome day! 

Annabel x

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