Monday, 17 September 2012

Lip Balm-Aholic!

So yeah, I'm a really normal person and I am obsessed with lip balms.  Now before you all start judging me on that little statement, I do have a semi-good reason for loving lip balms.  I get sore and cracked lips quite regularly, now I don't know if thats because I talk to much or simply because the English weather doesn't like my lips.  But, in order to keep them lovely and soft, I have tried lots of lip balms to see which ones really do, do the trick and frankly I like lots of lip balms.

If you ever talk to any of my friends about me and my lip balms you will know that in probably every lesson at school you will catch me applying lip balm at some point.  I guess it is now kind of a habit, but it is also because I like my lips to be moisturised and soft.  I'm sure there is nothing wrong with that. :)

And so, in this post I am going to give my opinion on some the lip balms that I have tried.  I say 'some' because I'm pretty certain I have more lying around somewhere... Anyway, lets get into the review/raveish thingymabob.

EOS Lip balm, Nivea Pearly Shine, Burts Bees Lip balm, Go Balmy! Berry Lip Balm, Carmex (mint), Raspberry Lip Balm from Accessorize,Vaseline Rosy Lips

1. EOS Lip balm - This lip balm I purchased when I went to Boston last October.  I bought three at the time as I loved them that much, and this is my final one and look how flat it is.  There is basically nothing left of this lip balm so I am trying to savour it as much as I can.  What I can say is that these lip balms are loved by me.  I love the smell (I think this flavour is summer berry) and the feel of it on your lip.  Now, the one thing about this lip balm, is that when my lips weren't chapped, it kept them nice and soft and moisturised.  However, once they were chapped this didn't help them as much as one of the other lip balms I had.  If i'm honest I don't think it helped them at all.  Nonetheless, I still love this lip balm - a lot!

2. Nivea Pearly Shine - This lip balm I purchased spontaneously. I was in boots and felt like my lips were a little dry and I didn't have any lip balm on me (shocking I know), so I saw this and thought it looks cute and I think it might have been on offer at the time.  However, what I didn't realise was actually how tinted this lip balm is.  Its a pink, pearly colour (the name is suggestive), but not just a pretty tint, I swear this made my lips look like they were metallic pink, and trust me, that is not an attractive look.  I tried wearing this at home, to see if it helped my lips, but I couldn't keep it on long enough for me to see a difference.  Something good about this product is that it does smell awesome!  It smells a bit like strawberry mixed with other berries, but it does get quite sickly after a while.

You may start seeing a berry trend... I do love my berry smells

3. Burts Bees Original Lip balm - As you may have noticed from the packaging of this product - it has been well used.  This is by FAR my favourite lip balm out of all of these.  If I go out and I realise that I have forgotten my Burts Bees lip balm I genuinely get  a little upset... Okay, not actually upset but I'm annoyed.  One day I had the worst sore lips I had ever had, and I had, had it for quite some time.  I was getting fed up of none of my lip balms working and so I was in John Lewis and I asked the assistant what was the best lip balm for what my lips were like, and she recommended this.  Now, can I just say that this lip balm is not expensive and not stupid priced, it is a good price for a lip balm and I swear my lips went smooth and back to normal in probably 3 days, which considering I had been having chapped like for about 4 weeks - it was a big deal! I was so happy, and this is my go-to product when I have chapped lips. Just another quick addition as to why I love it, is the tingling, minty feeling it gives your  lips, it makes you feel like it is actually working, which is pretty cool.

4. Go Balmy! Berry lip balm - Another berry product... sorry for all the berry haters out there.  This product was given to me as a christmas present and if I'm perfectly honest with you, I would call it more of a clear lip gloss than a lip balm.  I like it don't get me wrong but its just too glossy to seem to work, if you know what I mean.  It just seems to sit on the top of my lips rather than actually work into my lips and do something.  I love the smell though, and so I use this on top of lipsticks sometimes, just not as a lip balm.

5. Carmex Mint Flavour - Now, I know everyone raves about Carmex and how amazing it is, and so I thought that I had to try one.  I went for the mint flavour because I like mint, and mint - to eat - is one of my favourite things.  However, I do wish I went for the original because this lip balm feels like it is working, however, the taste of this lip balm - which lets face it, you can't help but get some in your mouth - is disgusting.  I would describe it as the taste, that those nail varnishes which are mean't to stop you biting your nails, leaves in your mouth.  I still use it sometimes, just not as often as some of my other - much better tasting - lip balms.

6. Accessorize Raspberry lip balm - This lip balm I probably got as a present, because I don't normally go for random lip balms -  if you know what I mean.  I normally go for a brand which is mean't to be for lip balms, because then I think they are much more likely to work and not a waste of money.  For this product, I think that little statement is right.  Although it feels okay on the lips, its not grainy or sticky, I just don't think it does anything, and although it doesn't have a strong taste, it has a slight bitter, not-so nice taste.  It also smells nice, just it is only a hint of the smell - not enough for me to want to wear it for the smell, like some of the other products.

And finally...

7. Vaseline Rosy Lips - Good ole vaseline. I do have a large pot of normal vaseline, but I didn't think I would include that as well.  Obviously, vaseline is... well vaseline, and everyone knows it is good.  Although, I must say I do think that Burts Bees works better at actually helping your lips.  This one though is tinted, with a slight rosy/pinky colour.  This looks nice on the lips and if you are going out to the beach or somewhere were you don't want to wear lipstick, this does look nice.  However, I get dry and cracked corners of my mouth a lot, which unfortunately, if I use this product, it does give me a red outline all around my lips - especially in the corners.  Which trust me, is not very attractive.  And so I would use this on my lips, just not necessarily to try and helped my lips, but to make them soft and give a slight tint.

That was all the lip balms I could find, however, I know I have the Lush lip balm somewhere and obviously my other vaseline.  But I hoped this has helped you because I know I wish someone could have told me about Burts Bees much sooner.

Have an awesome day!

Annabel x

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