Thursday, 13 September 2012

Garnier BB Cream | Review


First things I would sincerely like to apologise for not posting a blog for such a long time, however, I have been very busy - but I do know that is not an excuse.  I am just very sorry. Hmm, well, moving on into this post...

Today, as you probably know from the title, I am going to do a review of the Garnier BB Cream.  Now, I know I am late on this bandwagon but I did actually purchase this product when everyone was raving about the BB creams - I just never got round to posting this blog. So here we are.

Actual Review

I have the shade 02 Light/Clair and I find that the colour is good on my skin, but that was when I was tan so it might not be the perfect shade now, however, it's bearable. I used this religiously when I was in Spain because BB creams or tinted moisturiser are much better in the sun as its lighter on your skin, but I do have quite a few scars on my skin from me being very naughty and picking spots (don't do it!!) and so I find I need to apply concealer as well as the BB cream because it is not heavy at all.

Like I said I used this a lot in Spain, but I have found that once I got back to (less sunny) england, I went back to using my foundation.  Especially because now it is autumn/winter and much colder a foundation is my preferred choice.  But don't get me wrong, I did like it, and I am glad I tried it, I just don't really use it anymore.

It is really nice to apply to the skin though, whether you use your fingers or a brush.  I prefer to use a brush because you can really buff it into your skin and I find this gives a really nice effect to the skin.  I like to finish this with a powder as it adds another layer and I prefer having a matte finish to my skin, but you can wear this alone - which I would recommend if your in a hot and sunny place.

Overall, I think it is good to have a BB cream in your makeup collection, whether you have a large collection or just a simple collection, but they are much suited to wear in the summer so if you don't have one I wouldn't stress and tell you to go out and buy one right this second, just maybe when the weather start getting hotter again and you find your foundation is too heavy and you want a BB cream, I would recommend the Garnier one.

Have a nice day!

Annabel x
I'm sorry there is no picture to accompany this post, however I can't use my camera at the moment and if I used my phone or iPod camera it just would have looked crap.  But if you don't already know what the Garnier BB Cream looks like, you can get it here (for UK).

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