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Makeup Revolution SALE HAUL ✸

Hello Everyone! 

So I'm back to blogging with a pretty big haul for you from! 

Just a small disclaimer.  I have been away from blogging for quite a while now, and it's quite simply because I did not have the time or energy.  I had a lot going on during uni time and when I do have free time I just liked spending it either with my friends, or relaxing to get my energy back.  But now that I am refreshed and got some time off, I am really looking forward getting back to it.  From now on, if I take a little break or so,  I don't want to spend time explaining myself.  I don't think anyone should because if you need time off, then you need time off.  

But anywho, I'm really looking forward to getting back, and I have a lot planned.  So safe to say, I am excited :D 

So I went online, after getting spammed with emails on about their sale.  And although I was "technically" on a spending ban................ I just couldn't help myself.  But I only spent £30 all together...  I felt that I got a lot of bang for my buck, and I always love that.   

I Heart Makeup I Want Candy Blush - Glowing 
- £1.50

What I will say is - use a light hand! Because man this blush is pigmented! That's always nice in a blush, but it can be annoying when you go too heavy and you look like a doll with circles on your cheeks.  But the colour of this blush is gorgeous, and I really enjoy it.  It's best used with a stippling brush, or antoher one, just make sure to tap off the excess.
MR Lip Balm Duo - Raspberry and Orange Flavour £1.00
In all honestly, I haven't tried these.  I want to save them till I need more lip balm, as I have about a thousand open at this current time.  Let me know if you want me to do a review on my favourite ones.  I do have an obsession with them....

Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder - Taupe - £2.00

Now this duo, is a nice little compact.  I honestly, thought it was darker than it turned out to be, but it does actually give a nice natural brow in my opinion.  I use the darker side mostly, but if I've gone a bit too dark I use the lighter powder to tone it down.  Overall, I am very impressed with this brow powder, and would definitely try other shades if I wanted a darker brow.

MR Duo Brow Pencil - Medium Brown - £2.50
I have to admit, I haven't tried a great deal of brow pencils.  I definitely plan too, but I quite like pomades, so tend to use them more.  This is pretty dark for me, but I like that sometimes.  But the shape of the nib is a bit funny.  Its got that triangular type nib, which can be a bit difficult to get precise, but none the less I do like it.  Especially for £2.50!

MR Strobe Luxe Palette - £8.00

I am thoroughly disappointed with this product.  Firstly, I am sure that this price was not what the website said when it was on "sale", because I would never buy this for £8, especially if it's supposedly on "sale"... So that annoyed me a lot.  And then the actual product is very underwhelming. There is little to no shine, and you have to seriously build it up to make it look even natural.  Also, the only colour that really works for me is the lightest, which means it's good for darker skins, however, it\s not universal.  Overall, I probably won't make use of this product and will give it away to someone who can make some use out of it.

MR Perfect Pastel Nail Collection - £2.50

This set is very good value! And the formula is pretty nice! two coats and it was opaque, and it wasn't too gloppy or sticky.  I'm not a fan of the wand, it made it quite hard to be precise, as you can see from the picture that its not a perfect application.  But they are quite nice colours and opaque, which is the most important factor for me.  I will definitely pick up more of these nail varnishes if I need to stock up.

MR Luxe Shade Blocks 2017 Rose Gold - £3.00

This little box is adorable! I'm desperately trying to find a use for it because I want to feature it somewhere in my room! Now then, it actually came with a lipstick, a bit darker of a shade than the gloss.  But I swear, its run away.  It didn't like my makeup storage and its just gone.  But this lipgloss is gorgeous and very opaque! And this strobing balm is alright, not quite sure if I'm a fan or not tbh... Need to give it a better shot and I'll update you.  Also, this lipbalm came in the Vamp it up set that I mention below and it's actually really nice, I am a fan! 

MR Eyeshadow - Good life - £0.50

This eyeshadow looks a lot better in the swatch than it does in real life.  With a brush it's awful, just no pigmentation, and with your finger it is okay, but tbh I have a million and one eyeshadows in this shade, that are so much better.  And not that much pricier.  I'm gunna have to pass on this one.

Tam Beauty Vamp It Up - £9.00

(red gel liner on the right - how nice!!!!!) 

Now then this, you get a huge bang for your buck! I believe it was originally £18, which, if you are starting out, I would recommend even then! You get so much with this kit, and some very exciting, unique products.  Personally, although the palette is pretty decent, I won't make use out of it because I have so many other better ones, however,  I will be adding it to my societies kit (Edinburgh University Makeup and Special Effects Society) as I think it would be very useful to us.

The lipglosses are lovely! I don't wear gloss that much, and although these are clearly not summer shades, I will make use out of them.

Now then that red gel liner was the thing I was most excited about! It's so opaque and a nice consistency.  I haven't yet put it to the test, but I can't wait! Will definitely try a look with this soon.

Overall I am pretty happy with what I got.  A few bombers here and there, but that's what you expect from a brand that covers such a wide range of products, but also offers them at a cheap price.  I will always buy from these brands (they are all sold under btw, includes MUA and Freedom) because some of them are fantastic!

The sale is still going on, so I highly recommend heading over and checking it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I am really looking forward to being back.

Love, Annabel ❤ 

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