Friday, 7 December 2012

Revlon Little Box of Glamour Gift Set For Only £6.95

Hello everyone! :)

Today I am doing a little haul/first look/reviewy type blog for you all.  Just today a package arrived for me from, I have recently made a purchase as I was on there looking for some bargains, when I came across this set.  It was in the gift box section and it looked really nice, and had a nice selection of a mascara, lipgloss and a nail varnish.  And I know from having some, that revlon nail varnishes are amazing, so basically... I couldn't resist.

These are the products that are in this little box.   There's the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara - its one I have been wanting to try but never ending up getting, so I am very excited about this.  Theres a really beautiful coral lipgloss, and a shimmery gold nail varnish in 146 Gold Coin.  I am in love with all of these products so frankly this box is actually incredible! You can get it here 

Normally, in gift sets there about 1 or 2 products which are a bit mehh, and no one really wants them, but the rest of the set is amazing so they get it anyway.  But this set, everything it amazing, and the formulation of the lipgloss is so creamy and not sticky at all.  It feels like a cream/gloss which personally I love, rather than a really glossy, and like a glaze on the lips type of gloss.  The colour does actually come through quite a bit on the lips, its definitely not as opaque as say a liquid lipstick, but for a gloss it has really great pigmentation and the colour is a coral, but definitely very orange, but pretty :)

I tried the best I could to get a picture of the mascara on my eyelashes but the lighting was awful, and I was using my IPhone for these pictures so its not as great, sorry.  And I promise I don't have yellow skin, that is just the lighting.  

This is the lipgloss, I tried to get a picture of the gloss on my lips, but once again the lighting is bad, I'm sorry! And my lips were tinted slightly pink because I was wearing a pink lipstick today but you can see how nice it makes the lips look. 

So I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products before and if you like them or not? 

Hope your having an awesome day, and I'll speak to you soon :)

Annabel x 

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