Monday, 5 November 2012

Beauty Favourites | October

Hello everyone :) I know I'm a little late, but this is my months beauty favourites.  I haven't been trying all that much because I am at school again, but I did have half term for the last week, so I rediscovered some loves.

To start with hair:

I love this hairspray for many reasons, its HUGE for starters, I swear this will never end - which is awesome! :) And I personally love the hold of this and I think it holds just enough but doesn't make your hair feel like straw.  So this is a big favourite for me this month.  

This wax is really great because it helps add volume to my hair on those days when its flat and just horrible, and then when I want to have that messy hair which is love I just take a bit between my three fingers and rub it just underneath the top layer of my roots and it gives really nice volume and looks fab. 

Now moving onto makeup: 

Review on my blog here

I am loving this foundation right now, and I will be doing an in-depth review on this soon, so if your interested in this foundation I'll have more on it soon. 

Bourjois Bronzing Powder
I couldn't actually find this online anywhere, but I'm sure the other bronzer from Bourjois is very similar.  It looks very orange in the pan but once applied to the face - if you have a light hand - it can give you a really subtle bronzed look.  I really like using this bronzer for contouring as well.  

I probably use this 6/7 days a week normally.  I love this eyeshadow to put over the lid, with a darker colour in the crease.  Or when I'm having eyeliner, I put Naked Lunch all over my lid and then use the liner on top.  I love the slight shimmer this product has and I think its fantastic for highlighting or using it as a lid colour.  

I love this trio of powders but what I have been using the most is Coralista.  I love the glow it gives to my cheeks, because it has slight shimmer it highlights the cheeks as well as gives them colour.  

I have been experimenting with red coloured lip liners this month because I have been trying to wear a red lip more often.  It is really soft and easy to draw on the lips, and it doesn't drag.  Although it is slightly too dark for the red lipstick I use, it still works with my lipstick. 

This lipstick I got back last year when I was in New York and I wore it quite a lot at the time, but then afterwards I didn't really use it at all.  But then recently I have been really into red lips, and so I was drawn back to this lipstick and have been LOVING IT! Its a stunning orangey reddy colour and I love it's matte formula - that's my favourite, because you can have it matte by itself or add a lipgloss and its glossy.  But this is a lipstick I have been rocking this month.  

That's all my monthly favourites this month, and so let me know what your favourites were this month in the comments, 

Hope you all had a fabulous day, and if your like me and you have just started back at school, good luck :P I know I have been finding it hard 

So Good Luck 


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