Friday, 20 July 2012

Summer Essentials

Hello my fellow hopefuls. I think a common characteristic in english folk is a constant hope for nice weather in those supposidly "summer" months of June, July and August. If our wishes do come true - we need to make sure that we welcome the weather with open arms so that it doesn't leave us too quickly. Therefore, we need to be prepared for a sunny summer!

In order to be ready we need to make sure we have our summer essentials. While sitting in the sun, i had a long think as to what these really are. Some of the things i came up with were obvious yet very important and some things i had to think for a little longer to come up. Ill now stop rambling and share with you all what i believe are summer essentials.

Lets start with the obvious:

Sun Cream!
This as obvious as it make seem to you, is something that some people forget to put on in order to get that tan that we all desire. But i cant begin to stress how important this is! Sun cream helps protect your skin from the very harmful UV rays that the sun emits. You all want that tan but protecting your skin should be more important and you can all still get a tan through wearing sun cream, it just stops you getting burnt. Which is no fun.

Now then in england is may not get as hot as in other places around the globe, and so you can afford to for a little while really work on that tan. By using tanning oil it helps you tan... It does what is says on the tin hahaaa. It is good but use it sparingly and not constantly, you still need your sun cream.

Moving onto makeup now. :-)

Some summer makeup essentials i think are a really nice coral lipstick and blush. A really nice coral blush which im sure many of you have heard of is Coralista from Benefit. This is a really nice blush and wears well on the skin, it is a bit pricer than other blushes but i think it is worth it, i have had mine for at least 2 years now and its still going strong! And a nice coral lipstick i have found which isnt on the higher end is Revlons Coral lipstick. I apologise that i dont have the lipstick with me at the moment and so i cant recall the name or number, but i believe that only one of revlons lipsticks is a distinct coral colour and so it wouldnt be too hard to find.
Another makeup essential is BB cream! Its been a new craze recently and has caught my attention recently. I decided to go out and try it myself, i bought the garnier bb cream and i was very pleasently surprised! It is amazing! It gives a decent coverage and leaves your skin looking so natural and like your not very anything at all. Im not going to talk much about this product as im going to do a review of it and ill tell all then.

Finally, my last summer essential will surprise some of you. Its very random and something that everyone will have lying around. Its simpy a hairband. I know seems silly, we use them all year round to tie up our hair for sport or for a certain hairstyle, but im not going to lie to you, anyone who knows me knows i love to have my hair down and curl it and what not but this whole holiday my hair has been up. When its hot theres nothing worse that having your hair sticking to the back of your neck or to your back and jsut generally irritating you. I love my long hair however i found myself feeling slightly jealous of my sisters shorter hair as it didnt seem to be irritating her as much. In the sun, by the pool or by the sea you just want to throw your hair up into a messy bun and so im just reminding you to remember your good trusty hair bands.

Those are some of my summer essentials which i will remember to be throwing in my beach bag this year. I hope at least some of you found this helpful.


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