Thursday, 13 July 2017

Tarte Bombshell Basics | Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I am doing a little mini review of this Tarte Bombshell Basics kit that I got off

This is a great website that if you want any Tarte cosmetics, then this is the place to buy it if you are in the UK.  If you guys know of any other good websites for this brand then please let me know! I am super eager to try more of their products.

I went on the website to buy the Tarte ShapeTape concealer, but it ended up being £28! It included a sponge, but I don't really need a new sponge, so I didn't go for that in the end.  But in their daily offers they had this kit for only £39.95! It was originally £70, so definitely a bargain! I had always wanted to try the Rainforest of the Sea Foundation because I am obsessed with lightweight foundations that are super natural and I have read great reviews about this one! So that was my main focus, however, I definitely wanted to give all of these a go.

Firstly then the foundation.  It is a lovely formula that lasted great for a full days work for me (8 hours) and then needed a touch up, but I have very oily skin, so things don't last well on me anyway! I went for the shade "Light Neutral" and it is a bit dark for.  (In comparison I am normally around the shade Ivory for foundation).  But for summer it is a good shade and makes me look nice and tan.  For winter I will just add lightening drops because I want to use this all year round.

Then the Sex Kitten eyeshadow palette is lovely! I have to be honest I have quite a few palettes and so this doesn't stand out to me as amazing.  But the shadows are very blendable and it will be a great palette to take on holiday as you have everything you will need in here.  I like it a lot!

I haven't tried the mascara because I always open any mascara that I get and so they just always dry out.  So I will let you all know about it once I have tried and tested it.  The eyeliner is lovely and I wore it all day on my tightline and it didn't smudge, so that's a thumbs up for me!

The eyeshadow brush tbh, it came bent because of the packaging and I think its alright, but it's nothing amazing or anything.  If the kit came without it then it wouldn't bother me.  But I understand that if people don't have many brushes then this would be great for you!

Finally, the lipstick/lipgloss duo.  This I LOVE! I don't really wear lipgloss so I was worried that I wouldn't make use out of it.  However.... this is gorgeous! The lipgloss looks fantastic on its own, or on top of the lipstick, and this colour is my favourite everyday shade! And the packaging is so nice and feels really expensive and fancy, which I love hehee.

Annoyingly, this is no longer on there website. However, they do still sell some of these products and I highly recommend all of these products and can't wait to try more products from Tarte.

Let me know some of your favourite Tarte products in the comments below because I really want to try more of this brand!

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Speak soon,

Love, Annabel 

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